Koti- Kanasar in Chakrata

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Koti- Kanasar in Chakrata Uttarakhand

Koti-Kanasar is built on the ancestral farm in an apple orchard located 26 km from Chakrata town. Ideal for picnic, honeymoon, and Family Vacation.

Dense Deodar, oak, and pine forests surround the hidden alpine meadow “bugiyal,” which emerges around a bend in the never-ending winding road. Slate roofs and stone walls dot the landscape as you approach the Kanasar Eco-lodge, a family-run eco-tourism venture located in Koti-Kanasar, a 25-kilometer drive from Chakrata in Uttarakhand.

The Jaunsari tribe, of which our hosts, the Ranas, are members, live in the Jaunsar-Bhawar region. The Jaunsaris claim to be descended from the Pandavas of the Mahabharata. The area has been designated as a protected area by the government because it is rich in biodiversity and unique in culture and architecture.

The Eco-lodge has two cottages that can sleep 6 to 8 people each, as well as five tents. It is located one kilometerWhatever the season, the air is filled with the cries of the Himalayan Magpie perched on an apricot branch or the red streak of the Scarlet minute as it flies by.

Kanasar, a mid-altitude birdwatcher’s paradise, is an ideal place to explore some alpine bugiyals and undiscovered forests. Visit the shrine of Mahashu devta, the Jaunsari deity, or simply enjoy the crisp Himalayan air and the charm of the villages while sipping hot cups of tea and eating delicious locally grown rajma, rice, and bhang-ki-chutney. from the village of Koti on the Rana family’s ancestral farm.

The cottages are perched midway on the south-western slope of a hill, with a picturesque view of the alpine mountains beyond and an apple orchard in the valley below in the foreground.

The weather is pleasant all year, with snowfall in January and February. The landscape celebrates the seasons with apple, apricot, and peach blossoms in April-May, a bountiful abundance of apple harvest in July-August, and the sculptural form of the leafless apple tree in October, as well as the colors of autumn, leaves on apricots, peaches, and the evergreen Deodar.

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