Chakrata Travel Guide

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A Complete Travel Guide to Chakrata

Chakrata Travel Guide includes details like Chakrata Hotels, Chakrata Weather, Places to visit in Chakrata, and how to reach Chakrata.  Chakrata is undoubtedly one tourist spot in the Dehradun district where you would like to spend a holiday in Uttarakhand, with greenery, the Himalayas in the background, and a wonderful location. This hill station, located between the Tons and the Yamuna rivers and rising to a height of 2133 meters above sea level, is well known as a picnic spot due to the presence of a number of tourist-drawing attractions. Jaunsar bawar, or Chakrata, was previously a small hamlet belonging to the Jaunsari tribe. Conifers, scarlet rhododendrons, and oak trees abound in this lesser-known tourist spot in Uttarakhand, which is located in the pristine Yamuna Valley.

If you enjoy traveling alone, this town will satisfy you in every way conceivable because it is distant from the noise and bustle. Trekking is one of the things to do after you get to Chakrata to make the most of your holiday. Starting with Tiger Falls, which is nestled among the rugged landscape, it is a favorite destination for families and groups of friends. You can have a fantastic time simply by sitting near or beneath the 50 m high falls. Chilmiri Neck is well worth a visit for people who enjoy recording panoramic views in their hearts and cameras, as there are many birds and butterflies flitting around.

Swargarohini and Bandarpoonch, two Himalayan peaks, are a must-see in this Uttarakhand tourist destination. Apparently, anywhere you go from Chakrata, such as Deoban, Kalsi, or even Kanasar, which is surrounded by lush flora, the Himalayas can be seen in the distance. Furthermore, a short distance from Chakrata, you will locate Mundali, which is famed for its magnificent view and even better panoramic environment, or the glittering temple of Lakhamandal, which is mythologically and historically significant.

Chakrata is a must-visit site in Uttarakhand if you’re seeking a serene setting that’s also a great picnic spot. As a result, our Chakrata travel book is jam-packed with information on the greatest locations to see and incredible activities to do, making it a must-have for anybody looking for an unforgettable vacation.

History of Chakrata

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The location is called as Jaunsar-Bawar, and it may be found in a few nearby villages. Chakrata Tehsil was a component of the United Provinces’ Dehradun district in 1901, with a population of 51,101. It consisted of the towns of Chakrata (population 1250) and Kalsi (population 760), which is most famous for the rock edict of Mauryan ruler Ashoka, found by John Forest in 1860. Colonel Hume of the 55th Regiment, British Indian Army, erected a cantonment in 1869, and troops and officers inhabited the cantonment for the first time in April 1869.

Chakrata is a military cantonment with strong entry restrictions, and foreign visitors are prohibited from entering. It is notable for being the permanent garrison of the clandestine and elite Special Frontier Force, commonly known as “Establishment 22” (dubbed “Two-Two”), the Indian Army’s only ethnic Tibetan force, which was established following the Sino-India War of 1962. Neighboring intelligence services at Chakrata also provide weapons and survival training in support of Indian foreign policy aims, particularly in relation to other countries in the Indian Subcontinent.

Best Time to Visit Chakrata

Depending on your preferences, you can plan a vacation in Chakrata at any time of year. Summers, however, is the finest time to explore this little hill station in Uttarakhand’s Dehradun district.

Summers in Chakrata

Summer welcomes you to Chakrata with its sunny and bright days, since it is considered the ideal time to visit the town. From March through June, the temperature ranges from 10°C to a maximum of 30°C, making the weather so lovely that you may enjoy all of the tourist attractions with no reservations.

Monsoon in Chakrata

When you think of monsoons, you probably picture a gentle breeze blowing, but don’t forget to factor in a sprinkling of heavy rain. This is owing to the fact that the months of July, August, and September, with minimum temperatures of 12°C, are known for rainy days and barricades, which drive tourists to avoid this area. If you enjoy monsoons, you should check the weather forecast first and arrange your vacation accordingly.

Winters in Chakrata

Winter is also a great time to visit Chakrata since you can enjoy the chilly wind and the town’s adjacent tourist attractions. The season begins with a maximum temperature of 15°C and can drop as low as -5°C between December and February.

Top 10 Activities to do in Chakrata

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Chakrata is a picturesque hill station in Uttarakhand, surrounded by the magnificent Himalayan range. This tiny and picturesque hill resort, nestled in the Dehradun area, is best renowned for its solitude and breathtaking views.

Chakrata is not a very popular vacation spot, therefore it is free of tourist crowds and noise. It’s a little hill town with a few local attractions and fascinating activities to offer. Some of the most exciting things to do in Chakrata involve sightseeing as well as some exploration and adventure.

Are you unsure what to do in this small village in Uttarakhand’s hills? So, we’ve put together a list of activities for you to attempt during your visit. The finest things to do in Chakrata are listed below:

  1. River Rafting
  2. Camping
  3. Trekking
  4. Bird Watching
  5. Water Activities
  6. Rock Climbing 
  7. Water Rappelling
  8. Horse Riding
  9. Skiing
  10. Picnic

Top 10 Things to do in Chakrata

Click on the above link and know about the Top 10 things to do in Chakrata with all the detailed information on all 10 Adventure Activities.

Places to visit in Chakrata

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Chakrata, a remote highland village in Dehradun, is located at 2,118 meters above sea level, surrounded by evergreen trees that slide down the Himalayan range and are blessed with various locations to visit. The picturesque cantonment hill station is a perfect weekend getaway for anyone looking to spend some quiet time with nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The tourism attractions of Chakrata, which are located amid Uttarakhand’s terrains, appeal to those with an exploratory and adventurous spirit. Not only can one be mesmerized by the serene gardens of the Ram Tal or put on an investigator’s hat to ponder the mysteries of the Budher caves, but there are many other activities as well, such as camping in the Hathni Kund wilderness, bird watching in the delightful Tiger Falls, and immersing oneself in the river while rafting at Yamuna Adventure Park. Chakrata is a new site to visit, offering excellent photo opportunities in the Deoban forests.

  1. Chilmiri Neck 
  2. Deoban
  3. Yamuna Adventure Park
  4. Ram Tal Horticulture Garden
  5. Tiger Falls
  6. Koti-Kanasar
  7. Hathi-Kund
  8. Kimona Falls
  9. Budher Cave
  10. Moigad Fall

Top 10 places to visit in Chakrata

Click on the above link to know the Top 10 places to visit in Chakrata.

Places to Visit Nearby Chakrata

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Chakrata is a stunningly beautiful and exciting destination that should be on your bucket list. The views from here are breathtaking, the roads are smooth, and the connectivity is fantastic. Some of the most beautiful sunset vistas I’ve ever seen have been at Chakrata. It also provides easy access to adjacent destinations such as Narkanda, Larot, Rohru, and Chanshal Pass. This article will describe the Top 10 Places to visit near Chakrata. The list is as below:

  1. Barkot
  2. Mussoorie
  3. Dhanaulti
  4. Dehradun
  5. Haridwar
  6. Rishikesh
  7. Tehri Dam
  8. Chamba
  9. Kanatal
  10. Devprayag

Top 10 Places to Visit Near Chakrata

Click on the above link to know all the details of the Top 10 places to visit near Chakrata.

Hotels in Chakrata

The housing options in Chakrata are as small and quiet as the hill station itself. Chakrata has a limited number of accommodation options, ranging from 3-star to 1-star hotels, as well as a few government guest houses. These hotels provide basic services and conveniences in a great package to make your Chakrata holiday memorable and the stay worth repeating.

How to Reach Chakrata

This town in the Dehradun District is easily accessible by road, as there are several buses and taxis that go to and from here. Traveling by air and rail are also viable ways of getting to Chakrata.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Dehradun Train Station, which is well-connected to other railway stations at popular tourist sites. It is located around Chakrata and is about 116 kilometers away. To go to Chakrata, one can easily take a taxi or a cab.

By Air

The nearest airport to Chakrata is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, which is 116 kilometers away. You may easily hire a taxi to get to your location from there.

By Road

The most convenient way to get to Chakrata is by car, as the town is well-connected to all of Uttarakhand’s major travel destinations via good bus and taxi services.

Chakrata Travel Tips

Chakrata is a tiny town in Uttarakhand, around 320 kilometers north of Delhi, 200 kilometers south of Chandigarh, and 90 kilometers south of Dehradun. It is a cantonment town in the Dehradun district, located at an elevation of 2118 meters between the Tons and Yamuna rivers. Himachal Pradesh is to the west of Chakrata, and Mussoorie (73 kilometers) and Garhwal are to the east.

  1. Chakrata is an Army Cantt, and numerous major banks have branches with working ATMs here. SBI, PNB, and Axis Bank are among the banks I’ve seen here. Banks and ATMs may be found in every major town along the way, including Paonta Sahib and Vikas Nagar.
  2. There are no petrol stations in Chakrata town, although you will pass by numerous on your journey there. While you’re here, you won’t have to worry about running out of gas. The nearest petrol station is at Dakpathar, around 50 kilometers away, so fill up your tank as soon as possible. In terms of mechanics, you can get some simple repairs done in Chakrata, but you’ll have to go to Vikas Nagar or Paonta Sahib for anything more serious.
  3. Your phone will operate perfectly in the main town, regardless of which network you were on, however you may lose network while traveling to Budher Caves. The data connection was a touch sluggish, but not too bad.
  4. You can seek medical help at a government hospital in this town. Because it is a cantonment, assistance from the Indian Army can be requested if necessary.
  5. Indian nationals do not require permission to visit Chakrata. It is, however, prohibited to international tourists, with the exception of Bhutanese and Nepalese nationals. Foreign visitors must get permission from Commandant 22 Force c/o 56 APO.
  6. Starting in Delhi, the road runs smoothly the entire way. In a few areas, the road between Paonta Sahib and Chakrata is terrible, although it is mainly good and average. Only in the direction of Deoban, Kanasar, and Tiger Falls is the road in poor condition.
  7. There is no such thing as the best car for a drive to Chakrata. All you have to do now is make sure your automobile or motorcycle is properly repaired and equipped for the journey ahead. I’ve seen Maruti Altos and automated scooters like the Activa being driven about by the locals. The only issue may be visiting local attractions such as Tiger Hills, where a low GC vehicle may be difficult to maneuver.
I hope the above information about visiting Chakrata proved useful for my readers. If you have any questions or require additional information, please ask in the comments box below and I will gladly respond.
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