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The expression “the path to a man’s heart is via his stomach” well describes the delicacies served in Uttarakhand. The food of these settlements is distinguished by the fact that it is prepared over a fire of wood or charcoal, which provides them with additional nutritional benefits. This is one feature that certainly adds to the food’s delectability and uniqueness. Though it is impossible to cover all of the cuisines at this moment, let us give the top ten most famous Jageshwar dishes.

1. Bhaang Ki Cutney

Bhang is a type of edible cannabis that originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is mostly made of Hemp Seeds, which give it its distinctive aroma. It is served with a variety of dishes. Bhang is also used to make a specific salt mixture known as “Bhang ka namak,” which is popular in Uttarakhand cuisine. Its acidic flavour and fresh aroma will remain in your mouth long after you’ve eaten it.

2. Bhat ke Dubke

It’s made with many types of Dal and tastes great with rice. You might wonder what makes a common dish prepared by Dal so remarkable. Dubke is ground and then prepared in a way that tastes like bliss. For this recipe, we’ll use “Bhatt ki dal” as the major component. It’s one of Uttarakhand’s most well-known dishes.

3. Gehet Ki Daal

In Uttarakhand, Gehet ki Dal is one of the most popular and nutritious dals. This is a lovely and tasty dish, and the last sprinkling of coriander leaves adds a wonderful aroma. This specific dish is thought to have a little warm texture, thus it is most typically consumed in the winter and has distinct health benefits.

4. Pinalu / Gaderi(colocasia) ki Sabji

Pahari Gaderi resembles arbi but is not the same. It is one of Uttarakhand’s most well-known dishes. It is used as a vegetable supper or occasionally as a snack with tea, and it is prepared from the slopes with the essence of sautéed Jamboo and garlic. It has a taste and appearance that is similar to “Aloo ke Gutke,” a popular Uttarakhand dish.

5. Alloo-Puri and Yellow Daal

Allo-Puri being a state picnic food of Uttarakhand is the most famous when people are  travelling, they often carry homemade food with them mostly alloo-puri. Yellow Daal is a delicacy that will be offered to you anywhere you go in Jageshwar.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about food of jageshwar

If you ask us we will surely tell you to taste “Bhatt ki dal or dubke and rice”.

Jageshwar is one such place where there is no one place to eat, every other dhaba is very well serving the most tasty food of jageshwar as they are the locals and use the accurate spices.

It will cost you INR 1000 per person to avail the Local food travel package in jageshwar.