Best Hotel in Vridh Jageshwar

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Best Hotel in Vridh Jageshwar Uttarakhand

UTT Village Homestay is the best Hotel in Vridh Jageshwar with 3 types of accommodation- Mud House, Private Rooms, and Sadhana Kutir for different Purposes. UTT Village Homestay, nestled on a ridge in the shadow of the divine Jageshwar Dham Range, offers a private mountain experience in the heart of the Himalayas.

Surrounded by undulating hills and imbued with simple elegance, the property is spread across 5 luxurious Private Rooms with terraces offering views of the Great Himalayan range, Luxurious traditional kumauni architectured Mud Houses with a big courtyard, and a beautiful garden with seasonal fruits and our most special Sadhana Kutir with a mind-blowing view.

Jageshwar Dham, one of the finest examples of architecture in Uttarakhand, is a group of temples dedicated to Lord Shiva that is the pride of UTT Village Homestay and that is how we present it to our Guests with ” Pride”. There are 124 temples, both large and small, set against a stunning backdrop of rolling green mountains and a gurgling Jata Ganga stream.

According to the ASI (Archaeology Survey of India), the temple is 2500 years old and dates back to the post-Gupta and pre-medieval eras. The temple’s main attractions are stone lingams, stone sculptures, and carvings on altars. The temple’s location is also ideal for meditation.

The Kumaon region, which is home to native forests, hidden waterfalls, and terraced farms, is part of the historic route that connects India to Tibet. The Kumaoni people live in rustic villages dotted with medieval stone temples and practice a distinct culture untouched by modernity.

Accommodations in UTT Village Homestay

Speaking of the best hotel in Vridh Jageshwar, UTT Village Homestay provides you with 3 unique kinds of rooms to make your stay a life-changing experience.

UTT Mud House

MUD is a versatile building material that has been used to create some amazing architectural successes. Mud has several inherent advantages: it is extremely malleable and provides better insulation than steel-and-concrete structures; it decentralizes the construction process by utilizing local materials and technology, eliminating the need for a contractor; and mud buildings are much less expensive to maintain.

UTT Village Homestay is a 60-year-old Heritage House made of mud and wood surrounded by pine, oak, and rhododendron trees and dotted with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Start your day with a farm-fresh breakfast, then spend the rest of the day exploring nearby villages before returning to a bonfire, music, and delicious Kumaoni food. Retire to a Kumaoni home with slate roofs and thick stone walls to keep you warm in the winter.

UTT Mud House gives you a luxurious stay with a big courtyard, garden with seasonal fruits, a living room with a mountain view, and a mini library attached to it. Bedroom with 58-inch Smart TV, King size bed, and attached kitchen with all facilities in it.

This Mud House will give you a much-needed break from city life and once in a lifetime experience that you will never want to leave!

UTT Private Rooms

UTT Private Rooms are set of 5 rooms with a mountain view from the window and an attached terrace with a 360-degree mountain view.

The rooftop view is amazing and imagining yourself sitting there, having your coffee just makes anyone go crazy over it!

UTT Sadhana Kutir

UTT Sadhana kutir is for those who want to be in the most peaceful Himalayan forest surroundings. The kutir is situated between the centers of three ancient Shiva temples (Jageshwar Dham, Vriddha Jageshwar, and Dandeshwar Temple) that naturally produce energy.

The ecosystem is distinguished by the quaint town of Jageshwar and the streams that flow through the dense deodar jungles. These features contribute to UTT Sadhana Kutir’s geographical advantage.

It is Kumaon’s first Himalayan Spiritual Kutir, assisting meditators and spiritual seekers in finding quiet places for their practices. The food, accommodations, and systems are all designed to provide visitors with a memorable stay, vacation, and excursions.

The Kutir is a minimalistic approach to life. Anyone who wants to experience the basic survival of living without any furniture, luxury, and remote living with no one around is welcomed in our UTT Sadhana Kutir!

Choose the best type of accommodation that suits you and Book with us!

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