Vriddha Jageshwar Temple in Jageshwar

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Vriddha Jageshwar Temple Near Jageshwar Dham

The Vriddha Jageshwar temple is located a short distance upstream from the Jageshwar temple complex. The Old Shiva temple, located 3 kilometres uphill from Jageshwar, is claimed to be Shiva’s residence before he came down to Jageshwar. One of the most fascinating qualities of both Jageshwar and Vriddha Jageshwar is the unwavering peace they radiate.

Jageshwar is a collection of 124 small and large temples located 36 kilometres east-northeast of Almora, in a valley surrounded by lush deodar trees. The name ‘Darukavan’ comes from the presence of deodar trees.

It was given the name ‘Yageshwar’ because of the yogis’ yoga, and it was given the name ‘Hateshwar’ because of the magnitude of the earthly worship in Sawan and the big festival of Shivaratri, as well as the celebration of the fairs held during these festivals.

There are vast oak, buransh, and kafal forests to the north of the Jageshwar temple complex. It is here, at the apex of the most beautiful picturesque site where Shiva is worshipped in the avatar of Vishnu, that one walks four kilometres on the route, changing shoes in every stream.

On his route to the battle, the Chand king noticed a cow delivering a flood of milk on a rock at this location, according to legend. When he got closer, he noticed the self-proclaimed Shiva Linga there.

At that location, the king offered prayers and kept the Uchen. He pledged that if he won the war, he would build a temple in this location. As a result, a distinct custom of worshipping the self-styled Shivalinga in the shape of Lord Vishnu has developed at this location.

The traditional Jageshwar-Jageshwar-Jhakar bean temple circle is constructed on the path from Almora to Ghat, ahead of Panuaola. The route to Vriddha Jageshwar runs through the dense forest of oak turunds and kafal past Artola curve.

In the rainy season, the panoramic area here provides a bird’s eye view of the green grass, terraced fields with creeper trees and medicinals, and streams exploding from place to place. In the deep forests, there is a diverse range of species, including medicinal plants.

After passing through several spiral twists, the Vriddha Jageshwar Temple complex is located on the right side of the road at a substantial height. There are a few shops nearby that sell worship materials. Locals have opened hotels to facilitate the provision of refreshments.

Normally, only pulses and rice are offered at Shiva temples, but in old Jageshwar, Malpua is offered once a day to Lord Shiva, who is adored in the form of Vishnu. Sacrifices are not required when Shiva is worshipped as Lord Vishnu. Even the coconut isn’t shattered.

The Rithagad Khankari village Bhatt Brahmins have always offered prayers at the old Jageshwar temple. This temple is where many ceremonies and marriages take place. The temple’s premises are home to Hanumanji, Kalika Mata, Bhairav, and Kuber.

Women are said to pray standing in the temple courtyard with a lamp blazing in their hands all night in order to get a child for a special celebration. After the desire is granted, silver umbrellas and copper vessels are presented to the shrine.

Vriddha Jageshwar’s temple is perched on a rocky outcropping. The distant mountain ranges can be seen from here. There are extensive woodlands in the area. The forests are also home to numerous animals, birds, and other creatures.

Tourists visiting Jageshwar can enjoy walking and trekking in addition to viewing these historic and unique tradition sites such as Vridh Jageshwar and Jhakar Sam.

The Vriddha Jageshwar-Jhakar Sem-Dandeshwar and Jageshwar small tourism circuit takes you to the diversity of flora and fauna as well as local commerce with a view of the diversity of temples. 

There is also a small village nearby so if you want to see the village life of Uttarakhand then you must take a look at surroundings of Katarmal Sun Temple. The weatheris amazing around Jan to feb with clouds spread all over and it feels like you are walking in Heaven above those clouds.

How to Reach Vriddha Jageshwar Temple

By Train:

The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, which is around 125 kilometres away. Kathgodam is directly connected by train to Delhi, India’s capital, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh’s state capital, and Dehradun, Uttarakhand’s state capital.

By Air:

Pantnagar is the closest airport to Jageshwar. Jageshwar is 150 kilometres from Pantnagar Airport. Taxis are available from Pant Nagar Airport to Jageshwar.

By Road:

35 km direct link with Almora. Haldwani is 131 kilometres away. Pithoragarh is 88 kilometres away, and private jeeps and taxis are accessible in Kathgodam.

Trekking and other mountainous adventures are available at Vriddha Jageshwar. There, you’ll find your sportsmanship. Climbing mountains and peering down from great heights will be fun for you. One of the remarkable sites to visit here are temples like Mahamrityunjaya and Jageshwar Mahadeva. So pack your bags and go foran adventure ride to Jageshwar in Almora District.
Vriddha Jageshwar Temple Video
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