Top 10 Places to Visit in Jim Corbett National Park

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most popular national parks in India, located in the state of Uttarakhand. The park is known for its diverse flora and fauna, including tigers, elephants, leopards, deer, and birds. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Jim Corbett National Park:

1.Dhikala Zone:

Dhikala is the most popular zone of the park and is known for its vast grasslands, where visitors can spot tigers and other animals. It also has a watchtower that offers panoramic views of the park.

2. Bijrani Zone:

The Bijrani Zone is known for its lush forests and diverse wildlife, including tigers, elephants, deer, and birds. It is a popular spot for jeep safaris and birdwatching.

3. Jhirna Zone:

The Jhirna Zone is a popular destination for nature walks and birdwatching. It is home to a large number of deer, wild boar, and other animals.

4. Corbett Waterfall:

The Corbett Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located inside the park, surrounded by lush greenery. It is a popular picnic spot for visitors.

5. Garjia Temple:

The Garjia Temple is an ancient temple located near the park, dedicated to Goddess Garjia. It is a popular spot for religious pilgrims and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

6. Sitabani Zone:

The Sitabani Zone is known for its dense forests and is a popular spot for birdwatching and nature walks. It is also home to a temple dedicated to Goddess Sita.

7. Dhangarhi Museum:

The Dhangarhi Museum is a small museum located inside the park, which showcases the rich biodiversity of the region. It also offers information about the history and culture of the area.

8. Kosi River:

The Kosi River is a beautiful river that flows through the park, offering stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere. Visitors can also enjoy activities such as fishing and swimming in the river.

9. Kalagarh Dam:

The Kalagarh Dam is a massive dam located near the park, which offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and forests. It is a popular spot for picnics and birdwatching.

10. Elephant Safari: ( We do not support Animal Abuse, we would like you to try Jeep Safari Instead )

Visitors can enjoy an elephant safari in the park, which is a unique experience that allows them to get up close and personal with the wildlife and explore the park in a different way.

In conclusion, Jim Corbett National Park offers a wide range of attractions, including wildlife safaris, waterfalls, temples, museums, and rivers. The above-mentioned places are a must-visit for anyone visiting the park.

Why is Jim Corbett National Park So Famous and one of the Most Visited Places of Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett is famous for his work as a British-Indian hunter, conservationist, and author. He is widely known for his efforts to protect wildlife in India, particularly tigers, and for his role in establishing the first national park in India, the Jim Corbett National Park. Here are some of the reasons why Jim Corbett is so famous:

  1. Tiger Hunting: Jim Corbett was a skilled hunter, and during the early 20th century, he was known for hunting man-eating tigers and leopards in the Kumaon region of India. He hunted a total of 33 tigers and leopards, all of which were man-eaters responsible for killing humans.

  2. Wildlife Conservation: After retiring from hunting, Jim Corbett turned his attention to wildlife conservation. He became an ardent supporter of wildlife protection and was instrumental in the establishment of the first national park in India, which was named after him.

  3. Author: Jim Corbett was an accomplished author and wrote several books on wildlife and his experiences in India. His most famous book, “Man-Eaters of Kumaon,” is considered a classic in the field of wildlife conservation.

  4. Philanthropy: Jim Corbett was a generous philanthropist who donated a significant portion of his wealth to charitable causes, particularly those related to wildlife conservation.

  5. Legacy: Jim Corbett’s legacy continues to live on in India, with the Jim Corbett National Park serving as a tribute to his contributions to wildlife conservation. His books are still widely read and inspire many to take up the cause of wildlife conservation.

In conclusion, Jim Corbett’s fame is due to his contributions to wildlife conservation, his role in establishing the first national park in India, his hunting exploits, his literary achievements, and his philanthropy.

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