Tiffin Top in Nainital

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Tiffin Top in Nainital Uttarakhand

The Tiffin Top, also known as Dorothy’s Seat, is a romantic jewel in Nainital’s crown. This well-known attraction is a hilltop that provides a spectacular 360-degree view of Nainital and the surrounding Kumaon mountains.

This hilltop, 2290 meters above sea level, is a photographer’s dream and a great place for a family picnic. In fact, the name Tiffin Top was retained after people began bringing their tiffins and lunch boxes to this hilltop to enjoy a family picnic.

The Tiffin top, one of the most popular places to visit in Nainital, is located on the Ayarpatta hills that surround the city. It is a terraced hilltop that attracts a large number of tourists. Professional photographers can be found capturing the beauty that this hilltop has to offer.

History of Tiffin Top in Nainital

Dorothy’s seat is another name for the Tiffin Top. Mrs. Dorothy Kellet was the wife of Col J.P. Kellet, a British Army officer. Col Kellet erected this stone bench in memory of his wife, who died in a plane crash while on her way to see their children. This hilltop represents a husband’s love and devotion to his wife.

How to Reach Tiffin Top in Nainital

The Tiffin Top is about 4 kilometers uphill from the Nainital Mall Road. You can hike to the hilltop, take a pony ride, or even take a bus there.

If you are flying, the nearest airport is Pantnagar, which is about 59 kilometers away from Tiffin Top. To get to Mall Road from the airport, take a taxi cab.

If you are traveling by train, the nearest railway station is Kathgodam Railway Station, which is about 39 kilometers away from Tiffin Top. From the railway station, you can take a taxi or a luxury bus.

If you are traveling by car, the Tallital Bus Stand in Nainital, which is approximately 6 kilometers from Tiffin, is the closest bus stop.

You can book a cab from one of the top car rental companies in Nainital for a stress-free commute at an affordable price.

Because the summit is 2292 meters above sea level, it is best to visit during the summer months of March to June. The weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 27 degrees.

Things to do in Tiffin Top

1. You can enjoy a fantastic photographic session with stunning landscaping as a backdrop. Although daytime photography provides the best view of the surroundings, night photography is not to be overlooked.

2. Some of the best moments can be cherished and photographed in the sparkling night lights and dim aura that the valley sleeps in. Tiffin Top is well-known for its spectacular sunrise and sunset views.

3. Visit other nearby hilltops, such as Naina Peak, which is 7 km uphill from the Mall road, and Snow View Point, which is only 2 km from the Mall road, to be mesmerized by the beauty of this place.

4. Enjoy a boat ride on Naini Lake, which is adjacent to the Tiffin Top trek’s starting point, and shop on Mall Road for the most fragrant and stylish candles and local crafts.

5. Enjoy the famous Nainital Bal Mithai and seek blessings at the Naina Devi Temple, which is only 800m away.

6. At the Eco Cave Gardens, you can see the perfect balance between man and nature and learn about the natural habitat of mountain wildlife. The Nainital Zoo is also worth a visit.

Hope you like to read this blog and enjoyed all the information provide in this Blog. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding any travel in Uttarakhand.

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