Shiv Jata Ganga in Jageshwar Dham Uttarakhand

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Shiv Jata Ganga: The divine Sangam in Jageshwar

Shiv Jata Ganga is the river that flows through the village of Kunja Guth village. Along the side of the eponymous village at an altitude of 1870 m, is the Jataganga river valley near Deodar forest.
The confluence (Sangam) of two streams called Nandini and Surabhi at the road branching off east from the Artola village on the Almora-Pithoragarh highway. The site is about 3.5 km long along the Jataganga stream, which is a small forested valley of deodara, Pines, Oaks, and rhododendrons.
There are villages that provide services to the pilgrims and travelers visiting nearby temples. The resident villages are Kunja Guth, Dandeshwar, Jageshwar, and Koteshwar.
A beautiful cottage near the stream named Jageshwar Jungle Lodge which is in between the dense forest area. You will have to trek in the forest of Deodar for around 40-45 min to reach the lodge. 

History of  Shiv Jata Ganga

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Shiv Jata Ganga is a source of water for well being, which in history has its own story. In this village, a small temple is situated at the very origin of Shiv Jata Ganga. The Temple is covered with dense forest and trees with hanging roots.
This place has an out worldly feeling and a peaceful environment. The Shiv Jata Ganga is a source of water for the Villagers. Which then Travels from the village to Jageshwar Dham.
Shiv Jata Ganga flows from the Kunja Guth Village to Jageshwar Dham. Local story prevails in this Village that the Banyan tree hanging roots produced milk, one day some sage used that milk to cook kheer(Sweetdish made up of milk) and from that particular instance the milk converted to water. 
Another story which is very firmly believed is that whenever some kind of skin problems, pimples or body allergies sickens the people of village, they used to bathe in the water of Shiv jata Ganga and all the diseases would treat from that very holy water.

Shiv Jata Ganga Tourism

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Shiv Jata Ganga is a very less known place of Kunja Guth Village, which has the potential to become one of the best tourist places. This place has such immense peace that it unfolds the magic in surroundings.
The problem with Tourism expansion is that people will have to hike to this place to enjoy the beauty of it but very few choose to actually walk.
Recently this place has now strated to boom as a tourist spot as it exist between the trekking path from Jageshwar dham to binsar.
Local people in power has started grooming and maintaining this place as a new tourist spot for kunja village.

Things to do in Shiv Jata Ganga

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1. Hiking  in Shiv Jata Ganga
People can hike from Kunja Guth or Panuwanaula Village to Shiv Jata Ganga for about 45-50 hours of trekking. An uphill hike of 3 km through beautiful pine forests from Jageshwar Dham Temples. People can also enjoy an epic view of Himalayan peaks that can be seen from Vriddha Jageshwar & Jhandi Top. 
2. Trekking  in Shiv Jata Ganga
People can Trek in Shiv Jata Ganga and enjoy the flora and fauna of the village. Arrange your trip in the most adventurous manner where after tracking you can further move to nearby places like Vridha Jageshwar, etc.
3. Bird Watching in Shiv Jata Ganga
Shiv Jata Ganga is an awesome destination for birding. So many Himalayan birds flow to this Village in the winter season. So few birds like Himalayan Vulture, Steppe Eagle, Bonell’s Eagle, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Mountain Scoop Owl, etc can be seen in this season. Enjoy a picnic with your group and make the most out of this village’s natural beauty and weather.
4. Bourne Fire in Shiv Jata Ganga
Planning a Bourne fire in Shiv Jata Ganga with your friends is the ultimate weekend getaway for you people.Just seek the approval of localities or you can take help from local planners.
5. Photography  in Shiv Jata Ganga
Capturing the amazing beauty of  Shiv Jata Ganga should surely be added to your list.Beautiful Views of mountains from the Top of Jhandi Top will make your day and beautiful memories.
6. Yoga and meditation  in Shiv Jata Ganga
Shiv Jata Ganga is a remote place and is best for spiritual expansion for any individual. You don’t need to attend any special classes and pay for this when nature is all around you.  Just find the best spot for yourself and set yourself up for the day.
7. Camping  in Shiv Jata Ganga
Shiv Jata Ganga is an awesome place for all spiritual activities and people in search of peace from hectic life.what can be more magical than a starry night and breezy weather with your clan? Plan awesome camping either by your own source or you can contact local camping planners in Jageshwar. 
8. Sightseeing  in Shiv Jata Ganga
Apart from the beautiful Shiv Jata Ganga, there are many places nearby that you must visit. It will take a maximum of two days to plan proper sightseeing including all nearby places. Mainly there are eight places that must be visited nearby Shiv jata Ganga like Dandeshwar Temple, Lakulisha, etc. You can learn a lot about these hidden gems with our local guide.

How to reach Shiv Jata Ganga


Shiv Jata Ganga is a place in Kunja Village. So people can use below mediums to travel as per their planned budget
Shiv Jata Ganga By  Air
People can reach Pantnagar airport as it is the nearest airport to the city. People can also take flights from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Pantnagar airport. Pantnagar is approximately 150 kilometers away from Kunja Gunth.
Luxury buses, taxis, and Volvo cars are easily accessible till Jageshwar from Pantnagar airport. This is an international airway so tourists from outside India can also reach Jageshwar through Pantnagar airport. From Panuwanaula you will have to hike for about 50-60 min to reach Shiv Jata Ganga.
Shiv Jata Ganga  By  Train
The closest railway station is Kathgodam. The railway station is at a distance of 125 kilometers from Kunja Gunth. Kathgodam railway station is well connected with Delhi, Howrah, and Lucknow.
One can buy tickets which cost around Rs. 150 up to Kathgodam. So, it is very important to make a reservation at least 2 months before for a comfortable journey. Taxis are available at the station to the town as per your budget and luxury modes.
A taxi may charge about Rs. 4000 for one trip from Kathgodam station to Jageshwar.From Panuwanaula you will have to hike for about 50-60 min to reach Shiv Jata Ganga.
Shiv Jata Ganga By  Road
Jageshwar is well-linked with destinations like Haldwani, Pithoragarh, and Almora and so on. Government undertaking roadways buses are operating on a regular basis from these places to Jageshwar.
Jageshwar is just 37 kilometers away from Almora from where one can easily reach the village. The distance between Delhi and Jageshwar is around 400 kilometers. Buses also run from ISBT Gate Delhi to Haldwani and Almora as well.From Panuwanaula you will have to hike for about 50-60 min to reach Shiv Jata Ganga.

Shiv Jata Ganga Architecture

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Being the most untouched place, people have a web of things to explore. But Shiv Jata Ganga has not so much in itself to explore. People can explore the Temple in Shiv Jata Ganga, the place which is amazing in itself and few stories with nearby places.
Following the stream, people can enjoy trekking as well as a local Village tour. The path from Shiv Jata Ganga can be explored till Jageshwar Dham.
Take a break from your busy schedule and barge in this utter stillness of this place. Do share any information that I may have missed  in below comments, which we can include in our further segment.
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