Khatling Glacier in Tehri Garhwal

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Khatling Glacier in Tehri Garhwal

If you enjoy trekking, this is the ideal route for you. You’ll adore the aromatic place in the womb of the Garhwal Himalayas, with excellent lakes strewn about the path of this trekking route. You may have never seen so many swimming pools at once. This is the beauty you will encounter while skiing.

Two of the lakes, Masar Tal and Sahasra Tal, are particularly beautiful and serene. The glacier from which the Bhilangana River flows is known as Khatling. The valley of this Bhilangana is the location you must reach in the first half of the trek. Nature has preserved all of the lakes in this valley, including the two mentioned above and Vasuki Tal.

In the distant horizontal view from the valley, there are several peaks competing for height. Spheric Pristwar, Barte Kauter, and Meru are the most well-known, with snow caps on their heads. Basically, the trek begins in Kush Kalyani.

Traveling to Kyarki Khal from there, through the lush meadows, will give you a taste of what nature has in store for you. From there, travel to Parietal and visit the first lake on the itinerary. After covering all the lakes and placing Kalyani beside them, you must reach the Khatling Glacier.

This is the most difficult part of the trek, and you will have to cover a 3-kilometer distance from Tambakund. The three lakes, Vasuki Tal, Masar Tal, and Sahasratal, will be covered here, and if you plan to visit Kedarnath, you can begin your journey with fresh water from Vasuki Tal.

The trek takes you through beautiful meadows. After a while, the lush vegetation and flora garden will make you daydream. The trek concludes with top natural beauty, including excellent slopes, glaciers, lakes, and snow caps. The journey through the meadows and finally into the glacier is, in a word, spectacular. When you get there, you’ll feel it’s an injustice to use the word “outstanding.”

The religious significance of the location will also be recorded in your notebook. Unless you take note of them, your understanding and the stories of the locals will be incomplete. Leaving aside religious myths, the beauty of the nature god is breathtaking.

When you arrive at your destination, you will discover that the beauty has surpassed your expectations. So be prepared for that. According to legend, the river Bhilangana was a divine soul who tried to tempt Shiva. She didn’t succeed, and she was cursed to flow in liquid form. As a result, the river is named after her.

Her name is also given to the valley. Aside from this Puranic myth, you will also come across some local myths. The locals, who are extremely friendly, will tell you the stories in their own unique style. You’ll enjoy interacting with them, and it’ll feel great to discover their belief in those myths.

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