UTT Village Homestay in Vriddha Jageshwar

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Hotel in Vriddha Jageshwar

As you wind your way up the paths of Jageshwar’s valleys, UTT Village Homestay in Vriddha Jageshwar awaits to be your home. This Property is powered by Uttarakhand Travel Tourism, which reflects local Kumaoni traditional home architecture and food culture.

Satisfy your hunger with delicious home-cooked meals and wash away your travel fatigue with hot Adrak chai. This hotel in Vriddha Jageshwar provides breathtaking views of the Himalayas and the location itself is deep inside the forest in Kunja Village covered with mountains from all directions. Recharge your soul and make calming memories to take with you.

UTT Village Homestay in Vriddh Jageshwar is an ecolodge nestled in the quaint town of Jageshwar. It is very comfortable and Vintage in nature, surrounded by lush green forest and set amidst the majestic Himalayan range – a perfect getaway from the chaos of city life. It encompasses spirituality, wildlife, culture, and wellness on multiple levels. 

Our Hotel in Vriddha Jageshwar is an ecolodge that seamlessly blends into its surroundings while providing the highest quality and comfort to our guests. At UTT Village Homestay in Vriddha Jageshwar, we go out of our way to ensure that our guests have the most comfortable and enriching stay possible.

UTT Village Homestay in Vriddha Jageshwar is a dream project for us that took five long years to think about and Building. UTT Village Homestay in Vriddha Jageswar’s architectural inspiration comes from the traditional Kumaoni style of construction.

All of the rooms and common areas are 70+ years old heritage homes only renovated a little bit, keeping the local architectural style and adding some luxury to it for our guests. Large verandas in the front and back have been specially designed to allow guests to enjoy the greenery and take advantage of the warm sunlight that bathes the lodge.

UTT Village Homestay in Vriddha Jageshwar – The Himalayan Spiritual and Soulful Retreat 

  1. Front desk service is available 24 hours a day. Modern amenities and spacious rooms with personal assistance to our guests for an amazing experience of complete Jageshwar.
  2. We offer 3 types of accommodation- Mud House ( Pure Kumaoni homes made up of Cow Dung, wood, and Mud with all luxuries ), Private Rooms, and Sadhana Kutir ( For people who want to spend time alone in Sadhana and Spirituality with minimalistic facilities ).
  3. Surrounded by lush green beautiful deodar jungle and huge mountains from all sides. 
  4. Local Pahadi Organic Food is prepared in Kumaoni style in our local village kitchen to support the income of Villagers.
  5. UTT Sadhana Kutir was made only for the people who want to explore their inner selves and spent alone time introspecting with nature with a minimal way of living by doing Meditation, Nature Walks and Shiv Sadhana
  6. Explore traditional Kumaoni village life, Local seasonal fruits, and hospitality by visiting a local’s home to understand the meaning of ” Atithi Devo bhava”
  7. UTT Village  Homestay is the best hotel in Vriddha Jageshwar is one of the hotels near Jageshwar Temples that provides all packages including Village Tour, Temple Tour, Local Food Tour, Historical Tour, Trekking, and Camping in Jageshwar.
  8. We interview all of our guests and upload them on YouTube so that there is total transparency of their experience in UTT Village Homestay in Vriddha Jageshwar.
  9. Cab Service is available for 24 hrs on a Paid basis including Pickup and Drops, Jageshwar Sightseeing Etc.
  10. A Token amount is required to confirm your booking with us which will be refundable 2 days before the booking day.

An Adobe of Lord Shiva Jageshwar 

Jageshwar is a peaceful hamlet nestled among the Himalayan peaks and surrounded by Deodar forests. Jageshwar, located at an elevation of 6135 feet, is the center of energy. It is one of the most important religious sites for Hindus in Kumaon, Uttarakhand, and is thought to be the home of one of the twelve ‘Jyotirlingas.’ Jageshwar is famous for its 2500-year-old temple and a cluster of 124 beautifully carved stone temples dating from the 8th to the 13th centuries.

Jageshwar is situated in the narrow valley of the Jat Ganga river. The Himalayan mountains provide a magnificent backdrop for this lovely temple site. The two streams that converge near a sacred spot in the temple complex, Nandini and Surabhi, surround Jageshwar; it is an absolute pleasure to walk by the streams and feel calm as one listens to the sound of the water flowing. The ideal combination of beautiful scenery, a relaxing environment, history, and comfortable lodging. Jageshwar’s mystical and tranquil setting makes it an ideal holiday destination for exploring, meditating, and rejuvenating the body and mind.

Jageshwar was once a pilgrim stop on the way to the famous Kailash-Mansarovar pilgrimage. Today, the easy access from Delhi via train to Kathgodam and then a two-three hour drive through beautiful Kumaoni villages and deodar forests make it an excellent off-the-beaten-path destination. It is a convenient option for travelers who do not have the time to travel to the dhams of Badrinath and Kedarnath. Jageshwar is also an excellent stopping point for Himalayan Jeep Safari trips.

The simple Nagara style can be seen in the temples of Jageshwar. Although Shiva is the presiding deity at Jageshwar, the carvings show a strong Buddhist influence. The majority of temples have stone lingams and large stone images around the altar. The square sanctum sanctorum is reached through a carved doorway. There is a tall curvilinear spire shikhara with an Amalaki (capstone) and a kalasha crown atop it. Some ashtadhatu (eight metal alloy) images are spectacular. The Ekamukha Linga, one of the rarest specimens in northern India, can also be found here.

Why Choose UTT Village Homestay in Vriddha Jageshwar?

UTT Village Homestay is one of the best hotel in Vriddha Jageshwar you can get in an amazing price range. The Kumaoni style of construction served as the inspiration for UTT Village Homestay’s architecture. Furthermore, you will discover that it is an eco-stay, which means that it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

Large verandas in the front and back are ideal for taking in the surrounding greenery. Listen to the natural music of the Jatganga, which flows right next to the lodge. It’s no surprise that you couldn’t resist the urge to bask in the glory of the Sunrise and linger with nature.

We have this wonderful staff of local villagers serving you with the utmost innocence that the Kumaoni people have in them. Our UTT Village homestay in Vriddh Jageshwar supports many families in the Kunja Village who are currently working with us, so you support a cause when you stay with us.

We just don’t want to boast much about our Homestay but just want to serve you and want you to experience it by yourself!

Hope you enjoyed reading this Blog

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