Dol Kalyani Ashram in Almora Uttarakhand

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Dol Ashram in Almora Uttarakhand

The Dol Ashram is 40 km away from Almora which is also known as Shri Kalyanika Himalaya Devasthanam, is a quiet ashram in the charming village of Kanara in Uttarakhand’s Almora is surrounded by lush forests and sits peacefully in the heart of them.

Dol Ashram was constructed for the aim of yoga and meditation, and the ashram’s ambience makes it an ideal setting for exercising spiritual components. You can learn Vedic technique at Dol Ashram, which is an important part of living a balanced and healthy life. Dol Ashram is open to everyone interested in spirituality, yoga, or meditation.

Shree Kalyanika Himalaya Dev Sthanam is a spiritual vision of a Parma Yogi Kalyandasji who returns to his fellow beings after obtaining a state of intense ecstasy and ecstasy to show them the route to true glory. True wisdom can only be attained through a wise guru, just as only a burning candle can light the other. Guru-Bhakti is the bedrock of all spiritual growth.


In the vicinity of the almora in Uttarakhand is the Shree Kalyanika Himalaya Dev Sthanam Ashram.. Because of the surrounding Dol hamlet, the ashram is known as Dol Ashram in Uttarakhand. The ashram is nestled in a lush Himalayan forest on the Almora Path, surrounded by deep calm solitude.

It is situated on an 8-acre plot of land in the deep forest hills. This ashrama is heavenly, spiritual, and natural aesthetic piece of architecture, with spiritual temples, gorgeous gardens, Gau-Shaala(Cow Shelter), Dhyana Peetham(meditation & spiritual energy centre), and gorgeous landscape structure.

In addition to Vedic knowledge, Yoga, Dhyana (Meditation), Ayurveda, and Astrology, Kalyanika Himalaya Dev Sthanam is a spiritual knowledge centre. The ashram also operates a Sanskrit Gurukulam for the children of poor families. The world’s largest Shri Yantra, weighing roughly 1.6 tonnes, was installed in a Sri Yantra Dhyana Peetham by the Dol ashram in April 2018.

This Sri Yantra is a spiritual cosmic energy centre that promotes peace and prosperity. Kalyanika Dol Ashram is a non-profit organisation devoted to the promotion of Vedic spiritual knowledge, traditional Vedic Indian systems of education, and Vedic Indian history and culture worldwidth.

Tapasvi Baba Kalyandasji 


At the age of twelve, Tapasvi Baba Kalyandasji of Himalaya left his house and journeyed through India, visiting various religious locations. Satguru(late) Baba Swaroopdasji Maharaj, who inducted him into the Udasin Sect of Religion, on the banks of the Ganga.

Pujya Babaji has refused to leave his sadhana under the roof for more than 25 years. TIn Amarkantak (MP) India, where the holy river Narmada was founded, the God Shivah Tapasya, is founded by Tapasv Baba Kalyandasji. Pujya Babaji was driven to return after more than 40 years of penance in order to show fellow beings the divine way of inner awakening.

Many individuals had already been drawn to the aura of the authentic yogi and sadhaka by that time. Babaji created Shree Kalyan Sewa Ashram in Amarkantak, a historic pilgrimage, the birthplace of the holy river Narmada, and home to numerous tribes, in 1978, following in the footsteps of Lord Rama and Acarya Shi Chandra to educate people and improve their living conditions.

Pujya Babaji had a vision of Ma Bhagvati (Mother Goddess) during his second journey to Kailash Mansarovar, and was inspired to start an Ashram in the Himalayas. Pujya Babaji constructed Shree Kalyanika Himalaya Dev Sthanam among dense forest near Almora.

World Biggest Sri Yantra Temple

Dol ashram.jpeg

The world’s largest Sri Yantra, weighing over 1600 kg, may be seen at Shri Kalyanika Ashram. This is the world’s first and largest Meditation and Yoga facility, designed according to the Sri Yantra philosophy of good health, prosperity, and wisdom.

The Sri Yantra is made out of astha dhatu, which vibrates the cosmic energy around it. The Dhyan Peetham was created exclusively for yogis and spiritual seekers who are interested in yoga and meditation. The Sri Yantra is a symbol based on Vedic rites and philosophy. Sri Yantra is a shape or tool linked with Shri or Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.

The Ashram takes you on a spiritual journey where you can observe a life based on Yoga and Vedanta ideas. The Ashram maintains a regimen that eliminates the most significant impediment to spiritual growth, namely, sloth (alasya).

Many physical and mental disorders, such as restlessness, depression, obesity, anxiety, and so on, have arisen as a result of our contemporary lifestyle, and these disorders can be easily alleviated by just changing our sedentary habits.

In addition, the Ashram routine instils spiritual and moral principles that transform the human into a superhuman. Lord Krishna’s suggestion of nishkam karma yoga serves as an inspiration to all of the Ashram’s occupants.

The Ashram provides such an opportunity by hosting spiritual sessions with prominent saints and speakers who provide lectures on various spiritual classics such as the Gita, Upanishads, Shreemad Bhagavatam, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, and others, in order to lighten seekers’ paths by prescribing the most effective manner of spiritual practise. They offer several meditation and yoga classes at the Ashram, based on Vedanta, Vipassana, and Patanjali philosophy.

Facilities in Dol Ashram


Accommodation : The Ashram provides lodging and meals to guests and seekers who wish to participate in Ashram activities. The Ashram offers fully furnished single and double bedded rooms with hot water. An in-house mess with a capacity of 120 persons is available at the Ashram.


Library : The Shree Chandracharya Library was founded in 1997. The Library houses a collection of approximately 10,000 books on spirituality and a variety of other topics. It serves not only the educational needs of the Ashram’s students, but also the needs of tourists and seekers. It has a one-of-a-kind compilation of all four Vedas, as well as commentary.


Meditation Hall : The calm environment of the Himalayas aids a seeker in his quest for the ultimate. In 2006, a meditation hall with a capacity of roughly 300 people was created to practise the contemplative technique of Dhyana Praweshika, an ancient meditative technique developed by Pujya Babaji during years of penance and sadhana. The snow-capped Himalayan Mountain range can be seen clearly from the hall, making the experience worthwhile.

For the stay, the ashram accepts a contribution of Rs. 750 per person/day, which includes breakfast and two meals. The money is used for philanthropic reasons by the ashram, such as poor children’s schools, hospitals, and other social activities.

How to reach Dol Ashram


Dol Ashram by Road: 

The nearest point to reach Dol Ashram is Haldwani, so you can reach Haldwani by Can or bus with the ticket of INR 400 to 1500. From Haldwani you can hire a cab to Dol Ashram which will cost you around INR 2000 to 2500. In sharing taxis you will have to pay around INR 400.

Dol Ashram by Train:

There is no direct train to Almora but the nearest railway station is Kathgodam. After reaching Kathgodam in Haldwani you can reach Almora By Cab.

Dol Ashram by Air:

The nearest Airport is Pantnagar and from there you can hire a Cab.

Come and Experience the Divine !

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