Dayara Bugyal Trek

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Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara bugyal, one of the most beautiful grasslands in Uttrakhand’s Uttarkashi district, will take your breath away. Dayara bugyal, which covers an area of 28 square kilometres and is located at an elevation of 3340 metres, is easily accessible by trekking 9 kilometres from Barsu village.

Dayara Bugyal is regarded as one of India’s most beautiful meadows. In the local dialect, “Bugyal” refers to high-altitude pasture land. Because of the highland meadows, Dayara Bugyal is regarded as one of the most beautiful and breathtaking treks in Uttarakhand. In terms of difficulty, Dayara Bugyal is a simple trek that is ideal for beginners.

Dayara Bugyal is located in Uttrakhand’s District Uttarkashi at an elevation of more than 10,000 feet/3048 metres. This trek in the Garhwal Himalayas has become one of the most popular trekking routes, with thick forests opening up to a massive lush green meadow.

The trek to Dayara Bugyal begins in the village of Barsu. Trekkers can enjoy beautiful views of a flowing stream and even pause to photograph the scene. The trekking trail to Dayara Bugyal continues through a lush forest of maple and oak trees.

There are no animals there, except for a friendly mountain dog who may accompany you on your journey. Barnala Tal offers excellent camping opportunities. As you ascend further, the forest begins to thin, and all that remains is a vast, sprawling, undulating, and lush meadow of Dayara Bugyal.

Relax and unwind by camping along the Barnala Tal lakeshore. While hiking through the oak and pine tree forest trails, you may come across wild animals. View snow-capped peaks such as Bandarpooch (6,316 m), Bhagirathi (6921 m), and Black Peak (2,734 m).

The best time to visit Dayara Bugyal Trek is from April to June (summer) and from December to February (winter) (October to December)

Summer weather is mild; it is neither too cold nor too hot. During the summer, the peaks are visible. It is recommended to bring light woollens.

In the Monsoon: This is one of the best and worst times to go trekking because roads can become impassable due to landslides, but the scenic view is worth the risk.

During the winter, the area receives heavy snowfall, making the winter season the best time to go trekking.

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