Camping in Rishikesh and Jageshwar

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Camping in Rishikesh

Camping under the stars in the lap of nature and breathing in fresh air are lovely to many people and spending a few days amongst the crude beauty of nature far from hectic towns. If you’re sure you’re going to love camping if you think of spending one night in the sky, singing around a bonfire with your pals and spending days outside with a backpack. There is no better or more immersive method of outdoor camping in India – whether it is observing birds, walking, or simply lying in front of the eyes than living in a tent. In India , Rishikesh is known as the Adventure Hub where you can just do everything from camping to all adventures.  

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So we have enjoyed camping in two destinations, mainly one of which is Rishikesh. Before starting let us know about what are the types of camping and how you can choose from them. So Let’s check out some of the most popular types of camping in India.

1. Social Camps:

These are mainly weekend micro-events on campgrounds. A lovely place, like thoughtful persons, to gather and to share a beer or two with the stars. A social camp is an excellent method to begin outdoor love history, designed for first time campers. All essential amenities — tents, appliances, food and toilets – are available. Film beneath the stars, a night of music, or perhaps a communal picnic. A city weekend break. 

2. Luxury Camp:

Glamping  is a way of experiencing the whole world’s unspoiled and entirely distinct aspects without sacrificing the comfort of life.   We have transformed the way we travel. We don’t want a one-size-all generic holiday anymore. We want to explore our terms and dive into local culture and we want not just to be witnesses to nature, but to live in it. Glamping is a blend of glamour with camping, a chance to genuinely enjoy the country’s most amazing scenery. 

3. Eco Camp:

Eco camps are the finest method to immerse yourself in nature if you’re someone who loves the wilderness. In general, they are located in the forest areas, and are ideal for wildlife photographers, naturalists and everyone who wants to know about the world of nature.

4. Rustic Camps:

These are primary camps in remote locations, the landscapes are the trade mark. They are provided with a fireplace insert, trash cans and water access and rustic toilets. So do not be amazed if you’re not using telephone or electricity often.  These camps have basic minimum facilities necessary for a clean survival to do basic things. So you can have a minimalistic experience here!

5. Wild Camping:

Wild Camping?  Just lying in the forest with our own tent. Since you set up a camp on public or forest land – while local authorities will have to provide permits, there is no spot to reserve or to book. This kind of camping is dedicated to the adventure and in India could be uncertain. Wild creatures, particularly wild humans, could be a nuisance and an uncomfortable experience for your nature. Be willing to answer the call in the wild, because there are no toilets. But this is the only camp experience which can be called real but you dare you to do it !

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So moving ahead, our first location where we experienced wild camping was Jageshwar in Almora District. We already had an amazing location which is our ancestral property , so we went there for wild camping at night. It was a bit scary but we enjoyed it to the fullest. That was an experience one should definitely have in a lifetime. Below is our whole video of that camping at night.

Some important tips for Wild Camping (Must Follow )

  •  Practise camp set up before installing camps to the real site.

  •  Choose a safe place to camp.

  •  Choose a waterproof Tent.

  •  Take care of the water facility near the campsite.

  •  Take care of the warmness in winters.

  •  Bonfire and Sounds are mandatory to keep animals away.

  •  Do not camp alone, at least camp with 3-4 groups of people.

  •  Better to keep a Localite with you when camping in the jungle.

This was the most wild experience !

Camping in Rishikesh 4.jpeg

Another camping trip which we did was in Rishikesh. Rishikesh, because of its religious and aesthetic features, has attracted people from all over the world like a magnet for decades. This area also lies among the foothills of the Himalayas and is one of the most sought-after places for adventurers.

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Rishikesh is definitely a spot for wonderful holidays, surrounded by beautiful green forests and by the fast-flowing, crystal-clear Ganges which runs across the city. Rishikesh is also known as the ‘Yoga’ capital of the globe amongst health-giving zealots.

Camping in Rishikesh 3.jpeg

So we had been to Jungle Lore Camp and Nature’s Valley camp , both were luxury campsites. So we have the experience of two extremes, the luxury camp and the wild one, nothing in the middle. But the wild camp was one of a kind and never experienced before. Below is the video of our Luxury campsite.

Best time to visit: September to November

Best camping operators: Uttarakhand Travel Tourism for Jageshwar Wild Night Camping in Jungle

How to reach Rishikesh: The nearest railhead is in Haridwar (20 km), while the nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport (21 km). Rishikesh is also well-connected to Delhi and other neighbouring cities through road. 


How to Reach Jageshwar:  Kathgodam is the nearest railway station, Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport and Kathgodam is also the nearest bus station to Jageshwar situated at a distance of 125 kms. Kathgodam is well connected with major destinations of India like Lucknow, Delhi, and Kolkata. Trains are frequent to Kathgodam as it is the gateway of Kumaon region.

Connecting to Mother Nature in its real form is something you must do to connect with the five elements of nature which have the power to make you feel alive!

Camping in Jageshwar Dham Video
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