Bheem Pull in Mana Village

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Bheem Pull in Mana Village

Bheem Pul is a natural stone bridge in the village of Mana, which is on the Indian side of the Indo-Tibet border and is designated as a tourism village in Uttrakhand. It is only 3 to 4 kilometers from Badrinath temple and serves as the confluence of the Saraswathi and Alaknanda rivers. As a result, one can hear the gushing waters of the Saraswathi river right below this massive stone structure.

Pul is one of the many interesting historic sites in Uttarakhand, and it also has a story to tell. According to legend, the Pandavas, also known as the Pandava brothers in the epic Mahabharatha, walked this path on their final journey from Badrinath temple to Swarga (heaven), also known as the Swargarohan.

However, Draupadi, the Pandavas’ wife, was having difficulty crossing the Saraswati river. So, at this point, Bheema, who was said to be extremely strong and to have the strength of several elephants, brought a large Shila or stone and placed it above the flowing Saraswathi river.

This single stone was so perfectly placed and covered the area so well that it served as a bridge, allowing Draupadi to easily cross the river.

Thus, the Bheem Pul, or natural stone bridge, represents Bheema’s strength and courage in carrying such a massive piece of rock to help people cross the river. The surrounding caves bear witness to Bheema’s good deeds, and there are some marks on this massive rock that are thought to be Bheema’s fingerprints.

People consider Bheem Pul to be a very holy site, and they also take water from the Saraswathi river, which flows beneath the Bheem Pul. According to another legend, Bheem Pul is the location where Lord Ganesh wrote down the legendary Mahabharta as dictated by Saint Ved Vyas.

How to Reach Bheem Pul

Mana village is accessible from Badrinath. To get to Badrinath, however, one must fly to Dehradun, which has the nearest airport and then take a cab the rest of the way, which is approximately 261 kilometers.

For those who prefer to travel by train, the Rishikesh Railway Station is the closest to Badrinath and is well connected to all of Uttrakhand’s major cities. Furthermore, there are local buses available from several major cities that can be used to get to Badrinath.

The journey is magical, just as the Pandavas would have experienced it. There are signs directing you to the Ganesh Gufa and then the Vyas Gufa, where you may occasionally see a Naga baba performing some holy ritual. The Bheem Pul, or large boulder, can be seen from across the Vyas Gufa. One can easily walk or trek from Mana village to Bheem Pul by covering a short distance of around 350 meters along the Badrinath NH58 highway.

Along the path, one can find themselves surrounded by rugged mountains, floating white clouds that seem almost reachable, tiny flowers that greet you with their beautiful colors, mysterious caves, and the gorgeous Alaknanda and Saraswati rivers that flow as if singing for your safe journey.

This must-see tea shop is appropriately named, and tea here costs about 30 Indian rupees. The tea is quite good, and as a bonus, you can listen to the owner’s entertaining stories about Bheem Pul and the history of the tea stall. Finally, you can unwind while sipping your tea while taking in the breathtaking views.

Best Time to Visit Bheem Pul

Bheem Pul is located in the Mana village, where the weather is typically cold all year. However, visitors can avoid the extreme temperatures by visiting Bheem Pul from March to June, when the temperature ranges from 15°C to 20°C.

This is the best time for tourists to enjoy the views of this beautiful location while also including pilgrimage tours in their itinerary.

Monsoons are common from June to September, and they can rain at any time. Landslides and roadblocks are also common during the monsoon season, and there may be a drop in temperature.

However, regardless of the month of your visit, bring a heavy jacket as well as some light woolen and cotton clothing. If you plan to visit Bheem Pul during the monsoon season, bring umbrellas and a fast-drying polyester jacket. Accommodation A small village near Bheem Pul Mana is currently underdeveloped. So, finding accommodation for an overnight stay can be difficult, and staying overnight in the village is unlikely unless you have some local friends who can help you stay as a paying guest with the villagers.

However, for those on a tight budget, staying in one of the few decent-budget hotels or lodges run by pilgrims and charity groups in Badrinath or Joshimath can be a good option. In addition, finding a mobile network in Mana village is impossible. So, before you plan your trip, make sure you are well prepared.

The Bheem Pul is thus a surreal place that attracts a large number of visitors each year. The ancient village, with its majestic mountains and caves, is beyond description. So, go to Bheem Pul as soon as possible to get a feel for it.

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