Places to Visit in Haridwar

As you step into the city of Haridwar you’ll be invited with the rings of the sanctuary chimes and the strict reciting of the clerics. The Haridwar city has a strict importance as the heavenly stream Ganga enters the Indo-Gangetic Plains of North India without precedent for Haridwar. In this manner making its previous name ‘Gangadwara’ immaculate in each sense.. Below are some amazing places in Haridwar that you must visit.

1. Chandi Devi Temple
Chandi Devi Temple Image Source

Chandi Devi is dedicated to the goddess Chandi Devi in the holy city of Haridwar situated in the Uttarakhand State of India.

The temple is located on the east summit of Shivalik Hills in the top of the Neel Parvat, the southernmost of the Himalayas.

2. Bharat Mata Temple
Bharat Mata Temple Image Source

The Bharat Mata Mandir was inaugurated by the late Indian Prime Minister, Smt Indira Gandhi in 1983 and was established by Satyamitranand Giri.

The Bharat Mata Mandir is one of Haridwar’s most interesting places to visit. The temple is a main attraction for tourists in Haridwar, consisting of eight floors.

3. Bhimgoda Kund
Bhimgoda Kund Image Source

Bheem Kund is dominated by the tale as Pandavas were here, Bhim drew water from the rocks at this place with a blow of his horse hoof and Bheem ‘s knee was stuck in a rock and the water came out of it. The Hari-ki-Pauri Ghat is about half a kilometer upstream. In contemporary times the holy Bhimgoda City plays an important role in controlling the excess water flowing into the Bhimgoda Tank in the Ganges.

4. Bara Bazar
Bara Bazar Image Source

For shopaholics this place plays an important role. This place provides you a unique kind of shopping catalogue. From herbal buying to artifacts and ayurvedic well-being daily use items.

Bara Bazar is popular for its artifacts and can be brought as a gift back home for your loved ones.

The shops in Bara Bazar can also sell Rudraksha seeds, digestive powders, and a variety of milk-based sweets. The marketplace is also very popular with Ayurvedic medicinal products.

5. Mansa Devi Temple
Mansa Devi Temple Image Source

Mansa Devi Temple is a popular tourist destination in Haridwar, and it can be reached by Cable Car.

The temple has two primary pictures of the deity in the main temple, one has five arms and three mouths, and the other has eight arms.

Another reason why the temple is popular is the stunning view from the cable car.

6. Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple
Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple Image Source

Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple is about 6 km from the southern outskirts of the town of Har-Ki-Pauri.

The name was Mayapuri, and all of our old Vedas and Puranas mention it. Kankhal is a small town that is very near to Haridwar, and this beautiful temple of Lord shiva is Daksha Prajapati Mandir or Daksha Mahadev’s Temple.

7. Kanva Rishi Ashram
Kanva Rishi Ashram

Kanva Rishi Ashram is located on the banks of the Malini River at a distance of approximately 42 kilometers from Haridwar.

Located among lush green forests, this place is a nature utopia for admirers of peacefulness.

The Ashram ‘s name is combined with Rishi, a Kanav who is assumed to be Karnavashram’s chancellor.

8. Patanjali Yogpeeth
Patanjali Yogpeeth Image Source

Patanjali Yogpeeth is one of India’s biggest and most popular Yoga institutes led by Guru Baba Ramdev.

Patanjali is the popular ashram on the Delhi-Haridwar Highway and many people float here for one or another reason each day. So, it’s a must-visit place if you are in Haridwar!

9. Rajaji/Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary
Rajaji/Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary Image Source

The Rajaji Wildlife Reserve is just 18 km away from Haridwar. Many wildlife species such as elephants, tigers, bears, Etc live on this Uttarakhand wildlife reserve.

It is enriched with a wide range of flora that makes this sanctuary of 249 square kilometers quite Scenic and Vibrant spot for Nature and Wildlife lovers.

10. Shantikunj
Shantikunj Image Source

Shantikunj is the headquarters of the All World Gayatri Pariwar in India, one of the most famous spiritual and social groups in the world.

Shantikunj is approached by many persons looking for spiritual guidance approximately 5 kilometers from Haridwar Station. Social reforms, psychosocial engineering, disaster management, etc. are key features of Shantikunj.

Haridwar City Overview

Located in: Garhwal

Nearest Railway Station: Haridwar Junction

Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport

Best Month to Visit: October to February

Avg. Annual Temperature: 23.6 °C

Famous for: Gateway to Hindu Pilgrimage, Holy River Ganges, Mountains and Ancient Temples

Haridwar Tourist Guide
Festivals in Haridwar

Places to Visit Near Haridwar

Visiting nearby places is always a great idea to explore the place on its fullest. While travelling to Haridwar you must visit these nearby places to experience much more.

1. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is 25 km from the holy city Haridwar, this place is called “World Yoga Capital” and is famous all over the world for its yoga and spiritual education.

Yoga international day is celebrated in Rishikesh and to attend this festival people from all over the world are attracted to this place.

Kaliyar Sharif
2. Kaliyar Sharif

This place is 30 km from Haridwar and is one of the Islamic Mosques.

This place also referred as Piran Kaliyar is dedicated to Sufi Saint Makhdoom Syed Allaudin Ali Ahmed Sabir.

3. Lachhiwala

This is a Picnic spot and is situated just 30 km away from Haridwar.

People come here to just relax with their family or groups to spend quality time and space with their loved ones.

Tehri Garhwal
4. Tehri Garhwal

Tehri Garhwal is situated 98 kms from Haridwar. This place attracts many tourists worldwide.

Tehri Dam is one of the World’s largest hydroelectric water harnessing projects of Bhagirathi and Bhilangana Rivers.

5. Devprayag

Devprayag is a popular Hindus pilgrimage center situated in the middle of rolling Himalayan ranges. This place is beautiful and peaceful and has ancient temples and idols in the lush green climate. The vibrant rivers and natural elements that are about it derive its religious importance.

6. Mussoorie

The Mussoorie also known as the Queen of Hills is a 15 kilometer long horseshoe ridge in the backdrop with the great Himalayas, which stretches over Mussoorie ‘s colonial hill resort at 2,005.5 m above sea level. From this vantage point, Mussoorie has spectacular views over the Himalayan peaks in the western part of Garhwal. The mountain range has been full of hikers, hiking enthusiasts and adventure sport lovers.

7. Dehradun

The capital of Uttarakhand Indian State is Dehradun, near the foothills of the Himalayas. The Ghanta Ghar 6-sided clock tower is at its heart. To the southwest is the busy shopping district of Paltan Bazaar. To the east is Gurdwara Nanaksar Sikh Temple, surrounded by decorated golden and white domes. The Mindrolling Monastery is a Buddhist Tibetan Center in Clermont County, to the southwest of the town.

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