Districts in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a beautiful place divided into two broadly labeled as Garhwal and Kumaon areas. The various rituals, religions, fairs, events, folk dances, and music distinguish them from others. Uttarakhand takes this enormous, intricate set and subtly presents it to everyone.

Kumaon Districts


Almora is known for its beautiful scenery, stunning Himalayan views, its rich and varied heritage, unique arts and craft, and beautiful cuisine, from which Bal Mithai is Uttarakhand’s most popular sweet.


Bageshwar is a religious and historical place of immense significance. The mountains of Bhileshwar and Nileshwar Ranges on the east and west sides of Bageshwar.


Champawat is popular for its Natural Beauty and Ancient Temples. The temple of Baleshwar, Nagnath and the temple of Kranteshwar, demonstrates magnificent architecture.


Nainital is popular as the “Lake city of Uttarakhand” and is very popular for its Lakes, snow-covered mountains, and other popular sites. Nanda Devi temple is the most sacred Temple in Nainital.


Pithoragarh contributes to Kailash and Om Parvat and Mansarovar Holy Lake. Pithoragarh is a major tourist destination in Uttarakhand, the town is popular for its ancient fortifications and temples.

Udham Singh Ngr.

Udham Singh Nagar is named after Saheed Udham Singh who assasinated General Dyer to avenge the Bagh massacre in Jallianwala. This village is magnificent.

Garhwal Districts


Chamoli is known for its beautiful temples, villages, and history and heritage of Garhwali religions. Chamoli is the Chipko movement’s birthplace that attracted the world to see the significance of nature.


Dehradun contributes to Tourism at Uttarakhand. Himalayan Garhwal’s beautiful scenery attracts couples, people, and families. Dehradun has religious attractions, resorts, and nature paradises.


Haridwar is the holiest site of Hinduism, holding important religious events and a centre for many famous places of worship. Brahma Kund is situated at Har Ki Pauri. It’s also know as Gateway of Uttarakhand.

Pauri Garhwal

The Holy Ganga River, on its southern shore, and the mighty Himalayan Mountains on its north display the beauty of this area. Pauri is one of the most culturally wealthy places in Garhwal’s district and is popular for its traditions.


Among the travelers are the popular places of Rudraprayag, Panch Prayag, and Shiva Temple. Rudraprayag is a popular destination for such activities as the Char Dham Path, Panch Prayag, Pilgrimage, and Business Place.

Tehri Garhwal

It provides a stunning view, one of the highest dams in Asia. It’s also the biggest electric project in the world for the two main Himalayan hydraulic dams, Bhagirathi and Bhilangana. There are many tourist places to visit.


Uttarkashi is popular with tourists as it provides opportunities for hiking, mountaineering and adventure sports. It is also known for its extensive vegetation of fir, pine, and deodar.

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