Corona cases reached 1560 in the last 24 hours in Uttarakhand

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Uttarakhand has also been hit by the third wave of Corona. Many challenges in combating Corona were exposed in the second wave. The most serious issue was the lack of oxygen beds in hospitals. With the statistics below, we can only hope that we and our health-care system are prepared for the third wave.

In the previous 24 hours, 1560 persons have been discovered corona-infected in Uttarakhand. On Saturday, no one died. In the Dehradun area, 537 sick people have been discovered today. The overall number of those infected is now 349472. The state’s recovery rate has dropped from 96 percent to 95.05 percent. At the same time, the infection rate has risen to 10.26% based on sample testing. The state’s total number of active cases has now risen to 3254.

I have detected one sick person in Haridwar, 404 in Nainital, 24 in Pauri, 37 in Udham Singh Nagar, 13 in Bageshwar, 52 in Almora, 08 in Chamoli, 28 in Tehri, 46 in Champawat, 82 in Pithoragarh, six in Rudraprayag, and 20 in Uttarkashi district. While the infection has been defeated in 270 people. So far, 332173 persons have become healthier as a result of their efforts.

Many main events in 2022 are at risk and may be cancelled as a result of this upcoming third wave it seems.


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