Cloudburst in Kainchi Dham

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Cloudburst in Kainchi Dham

12-May-2021 (Wednesday)

Cloudburst reports in Uttarakhand have become common in various districts, after heavy rains. A big news comes out in the meantime. The news of clouds in Kainchi and Ramgarh is coming out of Nainital Haldwani.

There were reports of several houses and shops after the cloud burst, debris and water.The national road also has been closed because of debris. It is reported. The authorities and police took prompt action and stopped all vehicles in Prerna.

All vehicles will now be delivered via Nathwa Khan to Haldwani. There was news of a cloud burst in kainchi Dham which damaged the temple premises. There is no news that life has been lost. But there was a great loss in the temple complex.

Today it is announced that the organisation of the fair, held every year for the second consecutive year in temple, will be postponed in view of the Corona epidemic.

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