Auli Ropeway Closed as 27 Employees got Corona Infected

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The ropeway was closed for ten days by the administration on Monday after 27 ropeway staff became sick with corona. The entire ropeway station and cabin were sterilised according to guidelines before the Auli ropeway was closed. By barricading the ropeway’s entry point, the police were able to totally halt the movement. After 27 employees were found corona infected on Sunday and two on Thursday, the administration took this measure. At the same time, travellers visiting Auli for the snowfall are dissatisfied owing to the closure of the ropeway and chair car.

GMVN will lose Rs 7 lakh per day in revenue due to the closure of the ropeway and the Auli chair lift. From sunrise until dusk, the ropeway and the Auli chair lift were packed. GMVN was averaging roughly Rs 7 lakh per day in earnings.

The Health Department began a comprehensive investigation of all sick employees’ family members on Monday. The health department team is travelling to the homes of all the affected employees and gathering samples from two persons from each family, according to CHC Joshimath’s doctor, Dr. Kailash. The corona kit was delivered to the affected staff on Saturday, according to the Health Department.

After the ropeway employees become sick with corona, there is a fearful atmosphere in Joshimath. Joshimath, according to Congress city president Rohit Parmar and vice-president Mahendra Namburi, is a border town. He urged from the administration that all tourists visiting Joshimath Auli must bring the corona test report with them because health services are still limited.

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