Trekking in Jageshwar

Trekking in Jageshwar, Almora, near Jageshwar Dham, is offered with great price by Uttarakhand Travel Tourism. With the greatest travel guide and updated travel advice, a few weekend treks in Kumaon region of Himalayas ensure you have the chance to experience trekking in Himalayas through well-worn trails leading from one mountain to Jageshwar temples crossing different villages in between with the best travel information guide and the latest travel tips.

In Kumaon, the historic capital of the Chand kings, Deodar woods, and the world-famous and oldest Shiva temple, Jageshwar Dham, are all visited. We have many trekking destinations in jageshwar that are breathtaking and very lesser known among tourists but are very famous among local people.

Our Star Trekking locations Includes:
  1. Jageshwar Dham
  2. Vriddh Jageshwar
  3. Jhandi Top
  4. Vimalkot Temple
  5. Borussia Dan
  6. Shiv Jata Ganga
  7. hol Dhung
  8. Kunja Top
  9. Village Tour

These are the most famous trekking locations we offer with many more that cannot be mentioned with amazing views and magnificent spiritualistic aural vicinity.

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