Work from Mountains in Jageshwar Uttarakhand

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Work from Himalyas in Uttarakhand

Our rustic Work From Mountains location in Jageshwar, Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region. Working from here will feel like you have been lounging all day with mountain views from your window.

Work From Mountains is an effort to provide an alternative to the current Work From Home reality. UTT Village Homestay offers you a wonderful opportunities for living, working, and playing together.

UTT Village Homestay is a beautifully rebuilt old house converted into a homestay in the midst of a magnificent forest of oak, rhododendron, pine, and deodar. While the exteriors have an old-world elegance, the rooms are warm, inviting, and roomy.

Enjoy the crisp and fresh atmosphere, delectable food, guided walks through the forests, spotting beautiful birds, learning about the rural way of life on a leisurely walk to the nearby village, capturing the alluring views of snow-capped peaks, or simply doing nothing and immersing yourself in the serenity; UTT Village Homestay has it all.

All of the bedrooms have views of the valley and distant snow-capped peaks, and their design is in keeping with the environment. In each room, you can expect rustic decor, fresh white linen, 9-inch mattresses, and cosy comfortable beddings.
This Jageshwar mansion is bordered by oak, deodar, and rhododendron trees, as well as offering breathtaking mountain vistas. The house features Kumaoni architecture with all modern conveniences.
Homemade organic meals are served in our fantasy home. Some of the most picturesque village walks and forest treks may be found here. The mesmerising vista of the Himalayan mountains will be imbued in your mind once you stay here.

Activities around Homestay

1. Visit Jageshwar Temples

Jageshwar Dham is a complex of temples devoted to Lord Shiva and is one of Uttarakhand’s greatest examples of architecture. There are 125 temples, both large and little, set against a stunning landscape of rolling green mountains and the trickling Jata Ganga stream. According to the Archaeology Survey of India, the temple is 2500 years old and dates from the post-Gupta and pre-medieval periods. The temple’s main attractions are stone lingams, stone sculptures, and altar carvings. The location of the temple is also great for meditation. Apart from these there are Dandeshwar temple, Vriddha Jageshwar temple, Saraswati temple, Chitai temple, Katarmal surya temple etc.

2. Village and Nature Walk

Walking through this breathtakingly lovely environment is truly uplifting and gratifying. Uttarakhand Travel Tourism Himalayan Walks and Treks transport you through Kumaon’s unspoiled villages, allowing you to see the region up close. The programme allows you to freely stroll around and connect with local communities, share stories with the elderly over a cup of ‘chai,’ and assist peasants working in the fields.

3. Bird Watching

Birds can be found anywhere, from higher mountains to deserts. Forests, scrub, marshes, grasslands, agricultural fields, the desert, and the seas are the different types of habitats for birds in India. Many bird species require a diverse range of habitats, and others are distinguished by their climate. 

Jageshwar is a fantastic place to go birding. Despite the fact that I arrived during the winter season, when many Himalayan birds had gone south for their winter holiday, I saw some lovely species.

4. Camping and Trekking

Uttarakhand Travel Tourism has hosted more than 40 camping and Trekking clients and is one of the best companies in Jageshwar for any type of adventure in jageshwar. We at Uttarakhand Travel Tourism have around ten spots near Jageshwar Dham where you may camp safely and enjoy spectacular views. We offer locations where you can get a panoramic view of the Himalayas, including Jhandi Top, Vimalkot Temple, Almora City, and more.

Watch below video of Work from Tent

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