Tibetan Market in Nainital

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Tibetan/ Bhotia Market in Nainital

The Tibetan market in Nainital, also known as Bhotia market, is a popular shopping destination. It is one of the most popular street markets in town, and it is located near to the city centre. There is a large range of winter clothing available, as well as excellent Tibetan cuisine.

Shawls, mufflers, Himalayan bags, and Tibetan handcraft accoutrements are among the top items sold at the Bhutia Tibetan Market.

The ethnic clothing, which is embellished with colourful local needlework, provides a wonderful gift for family and friends. You can haggle with shopkeepers, but try not to haggle too much because this is their main source of income.

The most popular street market in Nainital is Bhutia Market, which is located along the Mall Road. Aside from a wide selection of woollens and winter apparel, the market is known for its delectable Tibetan cuisine. Thukpa and momos, among other regional foods, are sold at roadside kiosks and cafés.

Things you can buy in Bhotia market

1. Bhotia market offers Himalayan bags, which are a must-have item.

2. Scarves and shrugs made of fine wool

3. Candles, potpourri, and household fragrances made by hand

4. Books, key chains, and fake jewellery

5. Tibetan ethnic clothing

6. Women from Almora and other Kumaon villages create Kumaon woollens.

7. Bamboo fabric is one of the more unusual items you’ll discover here.

8. Crafts made of pine wood and pine cone.

Things to do in Bhotia Market

1. The market is built around the shores of Naini Lake, making it an ideal location for planning a brunch at one of the neighbouring famous restaurants and a boat ride on the lake’s sparkling, tranquil waters.

2. Along with the Bhotia market, Nainital’s Mall Road is a shopping paradise where you may find anything you need. Wooden art crafts are particularly popular as gifts in this area.

3. The Naina Devi shrine is located near the Bhotia market. Take Goddess Naini Devi’s blessings and relax in the gorgeous surroundings.

4. Trek up to Nainital’s Land’s End, which is only 4 km away, and experience an adrenaline rush as you take in one of the most stunning sights this place has to offer.

5. Ride the Nainital Ropeway to the Snow View Point, which is only 500 metres away, and see the stunning Himalayan snow-covered peaks.

6. Get amazed by the 44-kilometer-long Sattal lake, which is a cluster of seven separate water bodies and home to a diverse array of organisms.

Bhotia Market is in a walking distance from mall road. Its a small market where you can buy woollen seaters, socks, jackets, shoes,candles,etc. have some eateries. The best thing you can taste is momos…..yummy! So visit Bhotia market and for any query just comment or watch our video

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