Singori sweet from Uttarakhand

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Singori is the Most Famous Sweet in Uttarakhand

Singori or Singauri is a Kumaoni sweet made with Khoya but also wrapped in maalu leaf and is very famous sweet of Uttarakhand. Singori is a popular Indian dessert made with sugar, malo, and coconut leaves. This sweet is one of the sweets prepared for seasonal celebrations and distributed to the people. This dessert is a favorite of the people of Uttarakhand, and it is prepared with great care.

Singori is flavored with cardamom, coconut, and ginger, and eating it increases appetite. The addition of coconut milk and coconut milk boosts the protein content of this dessert. This dessert takes 40 minutes to make and can be made with grated coconut and Malo leaves, nuts, sugar, and milk. Some people believe that malo leaves are unhealthy and that this dessert is made with other leaves.

Singori Recipe

We need 40 minutes to make these delectable desserts, and with this amount of ingredients, we can make enough for 5 people.

Singori Ingredients

Evaporated milk 300 g
300 grams of sugar
Grated coconut 250 g
Maalo leaves 15 pcs
Rose nuts 3 tbsp

Singori recipe

To begin, heat Evaporated milk with sugar in a saucepan over medium heat. When the milk has reached room temperature and the sugar has been dissolved, stir in the grated coconut. Fresh coconuts are required. If you don’t have fresh coconut, you can substitute coconut powder soaked in coconut milk.

Pour coconut powder into a cup of coconut milk and place it in a sealed container for 2 hours. The excess milk is then drained and combined with sugar and evaporated milk. Cook the ingredients in a saucepan for 10 minutes on low heat, then remove from the heat to cool.

In Indian cuisine, leaves are frequently used. They wrap and cook food in a variety of leaves. Maalo, which comes from tropical trees, is one of these leaves. These leaves impart distinct flavors to foods. Some of these leaves can also be dried and used as a spice in cooking.

These leaves have a delicate texture and can be used to store food. Foods prepared in this manner are appropriate for snacks or breakfast. Filling these leaves with legumes, fish, or fried vegetables is another option.

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