Sahastradhara in Dehradun

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Sahastradhara in Dehradun Uttarakhand

Sahastradhara, a small tourist attraction with caves and waterfalls about 18 kilometres from Dehradun, is a centre for travellers from all over India. Sahastradhara is a huge set of water pools where water drips from limestone stalactites and turns into sulphur springs. Bathing in Sahastradhara is considered auspicious since the water contains medicinal properties that can help people with illnesses such as muscle aches, impaired blood circulation, acne, and even arthritis. 

Water drips from limestone stalactites, making water plentiful in Sulfur, and hence the location is known for its sulphur springs. It’s a sulphur water spring with a cooler temperature than the rest of the region. It is a treasure trove of outstanding natural beauty, including caves, waterfalls, and terrace farming on steppe by the locals.

Its stunning natural beauty draws visitors from all over the world. This location is approximately 11 kilometres from Dehradun. A ropeway (aerial tramway) is available to take visitors to the top of the hill in Sahastradhara, where they can find an artificial park and a sai temple. The Sulphur Water Springs are located near the Lord Shiva Temple in Sahastradhara. This location also has a man-made water amusement park to draw tourists from all over the world. The Joyland Water Park’s swings and waterslides add to the fun, making this a popular picnic spot.

TIMINGS:    08:00 AM to 07:00 PM

LOCATION: Dehradun


ACTIVITIES: Swimming, local food, religious and picnic spot.


FACILITIES: Swimming tubes, games, food, changing rooms and swimming dresses on rent.

STAY: 3 Hours are enough

Restaurant and Hotels in Sahastradhara

There are numerous hotels and restaurants in this area where you can stay and eat. Having food in the presence of nature enhances the pleasures and keeps you fit and safe.

The beauty of the area is enhanced by the surrounding villages, which thrive on terrace farming. The hills that have been cut into terraces or steps are breathtaking to see and are literally a visual delight. Summer is the most common season, followed by October to March in the winter, when the water flows freely. 

Sahastradhara not only provides you travel experience but its healing water theories gives you one more motive to try this amazing spot at least once.

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