Mukteshwar Hill Station in Nainital District

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Mukteshwar in Nainital District

Imagine a place with enough ethereal beauty to make Jim Corbett fall in love with it. Mukteshwar, located in the Kumaon Hills of the Nainital District, enchanted Corbett when he came here to track down a tiger. 
Mukteshwar in Nainital District consists of Mukteshwar Dham, Chauli ki Jali and is one of the most famous tourist places of Uttarakhand. Mukteshwar in Nainital District gets its name from a 350-year-old Shiva Temple which is known as Mukteshwar Dham and is situated at the top of the town. Chauli-ki-Jali, are overhanging cliffs and have an excellent view of the valleys below. This is one of the most famous tourist places near Nainital.
Many people visit today and share the same sentiments as this great conservationist. Mukteshwar, surrounded by sky-kissing rolling hills, is a great place to schedule your honeymoon or family holiday. 
The holy Hindu temple on top of the hill from which the town gets its name adds to the beauty of this area. The Mukteshwar Dham temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is the main attraction in this hill station in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon Region.
This must-see location is known for its natural beauty, tranquilly, and bird chirping. Those who want to go further will go on short treks and be rewarded with a 180-degree view of the majestic Himalayan peaks.
Our Mukteshwar travel guide is jam-packed with recommendations for the best places to visit and exciting things to do, making it a must-have for anyone looking for an unforgettable vacation. 

How to Reach Mukteshwar

The modes of transportation mentioned below can easily transport you to this town in the Nainital district from Uttarakhand.
By Air : The nearest airport to Mukteshwar is Pantnagar Airport, which is 98 kilometres away. From the airport to Mukteshwar, taxis are open.
By Train: Mukteshwar is 64 kilometres from Kathgodam, the nearest railhead. To get to Mukteshwar, one can hire a cab from the railway station.
By Road: Mukteshwar is well linked to Uttarakhand’s major tourist destinations. From Delhi, buses run to Kathgodam/Haldwani and Mussoorie, and taxis are readily available in the Garhwal and Kumaon regions.
Mukteshwar is equally beautiful in the summer as it is in the winter and monsoon, which should come as no surprise. For its scenic view and fun atmosphere, this untouched beauty in the Nainital district can be on your bucket list all year.
There is no ticket and timings fixed for the place. This is an open and free place for tourists.
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