Lansdowne Hill Station of Uttarakhand and Home to Garhwal Rifles

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Lansdowne: Quite hill station of Uttarakhand

An elegant hilly destination in Lansdowne is situated a short distance from Kotdwar. Garhwal Regiment’s residence, in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand Lansdowne is a clean and beautiful hill resort. It’s a holiday destination that offers a break from the daily grinding routine of 9-6 offices for your brain and body. Lansdowne is a place with a picturesque view of mountains and snowy peaks that justify why nature enthusiasts should make this trip.
The hill station also includes a small artificial lake, where you could enjoy boating and you shouldn’t miss a walk to the top, from which to see spectacular views of the Shivalik Range. In Lansdowne, leather shopping can also be a great experience at the Javed Boot House. Besides this Lansdowne is an excellent place for birdwatching and a good base for some pleasant hiking on the mountains, as do other stations in Uttarakhand.
This beautiful place decorated with pine trees and architecture of colonial style provides a relaxing and romantic atmosphere for a relaxing holiday or a comfortable honeymoon
The summers of Lansdowne and winters are pleasant. However, if you want to visit this place, most of the time is between March and November. During the summer months of March to June, the pleasant temperature is very pleasant, whilst during December and February, the lower Zero temperature allows you to feel the cold in your back. The mountain is quite good, and the place looks pretty cool and incredible.

10 Best Places to Visit in Lansdowne

A hill point 2.1 km from Lansdowne is Tip-in-top. It is also called HillTop Picnic and offers spectacular views of the mountains.
Bhulla Tal is a beautiful lake in Lansdowne, where families and children can enjoy a boat or sit next to the lake.
It is a British church located in a pretty lovely place along the way of the famous Tiffin Top look-out point.
The Temple of Kaleshwar is one of Lansdowne’s leading Hindu shrines. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is visited by locals as well as by visitors.
It is known to be the oldest building in the town. It constitutes the Garhwal Regiment’s century-old heritage.
The tigers reserve, which is 13.2 km from Lansdowne, is located in the Lansdowne division of Pauri Garhwal. Not just tigers but various other birds and animals live on the reserve.
The museum was founded in 1983 to honour this courageous soldier’s memory. This two-story building contains, inter alia, photos of soldiers, uniforms, medals, war trophies and appreciation documents from battle scenes in pre- and post-international India. Outside the museum there is also a lovely floral garden where you can walk or sit.
Devotees are meant to take a bath before entering the inner sanctuary in the temple lakes. Men can swim in open swimming pools while women have closed pools. Here is the main festival Mahashivratri, and this day the temple comes alive. Shiva is offered a ritual on opportunities such as the birth of a baby or a family marriage. This is usually a half day trip from Lansdowne, but the two Dharamshalas near the temple welcome those tourists who want to stay here.
Another antique temple located 28 kilometres away from Lansdowne is Durga Devi Temple. It is inside a cave and is devoted to Durga. The only thing is that it is inside this Temple. It is considered to be one of the oldest Siddh Piths in the area and devout people believe the Goddess gives her wishes. There’s a practise in this temple of attaching a red cloth and wanting something.
This church was established in 1936 as the only functional church in Lansdowne. In 1937, the church opened to the faithful. The Church was abandoned until 1951 after independence. Even after that, until the reopening of the church in 1983, the church was never used for prayer. Devotees and tourists are drawn to the wonderful interiors of the church and the beautiful surroundings. Another highlight and point of discussion among tourists is the colonial architecture of the church.

Accommodation in Lansdowne

You can find the accommodation in Lansdowne in a cosy hotel, inn or resort. A decent number of accommodations, from budget to luxury, are available. Lansdowne remains a bit far from marketing and has therefore not been cluttered with hotels. The main hill station can be reached within a short distance from several good hotels and the premises have one or two hotels of the colonial style.

How to Reach Lansdowne

The neighbouring towns and states can be very well reached by road in Lansdowne. NH 119 is the Delhi route that brings you to the place immediately. Roads are therefore the best way to get to this place.
Lansdowne By Air
In Kotdwar, which is 40 km from Lansdowne, tourists who choose trains as means of transport must descend.
Lansdowne By Train
In Kotdwar, which is 40 km from Lansdowne, tourists who select railways as their means of transport have to go down.
Lansdowne By Road
Lansdowne is connected by a great number of well-kept roads to major cities like Delhi. National Highway 119 provides the best possible connectivity. Those who travel by bus can travel to Kotdwar from where Lansdowne has private and shared cabs.
A Quite and lovely town with the most peaceful environment, here in Lansdowne you will experience the peace and serenity being close to nature!

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