Kausani is known as the Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand

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Kausani- The Switzerland of India

Kausani is a hill station in the Uttarakhand state of India’s Bageshwar district. Kausani is 52 kilometers north of Almora. There are few places in the Himalayas that can compete with the beauty of Kausani, a picturesque hill station known for its scenic splendor and spectacular 300-kilometer-wide panoramic view of Himalayan peaks such as Trisul, Nanda Devi, and Panchchuli.

On the Almora-Bageshwar-Didihat Highway, Kausani sits atop a ridge at an elevation of around 1890 m, surrounded by dense pine trees and overlooking Someshwar valley on one side and Garur and Baijnath Katyuri valley on the other. Because of the similarity in the landscape, Mahatma Gandhi referred to this location as the “Switzerland of India.”

Kausani is a small hill town in the Bageshwar District of Uttarkhand, a northern Indian state. The views from the Town are so beautiful that Mahatama Gandhi once referred to it as the “Switzerland of India” during his brief visit. The town is very peaceful, and from almost any point in town, one can enjoy a beautiful view of the Himalayas.

The lower part of town has the local market, and the upper part of town, where the Gandhi Ashram is located, has the majority of the better hotels. The temperature is pleasant in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter. Trekking can be done in the various areas surrounding Kausani.

Places to Visit in Kausani

Kausani is a small town in Uttarkhand that is best visited between October and February. The majestic view of the Nanda Devi Biosphere can be seen from more than 300 kilometers away. Almost all hotels face the Nanda Devi Range, and one can simply relax and enjoy the panoramic view while sipping coffee or tea.

There are several open restaurants facing the Nanda Devi Range, and the best way to spend the evening is to enjoy the view while sipping specially prepared tea. Trishul, Nanda Devi, and other well-known peaks There isn’t much nightlife in this small Indian Hilltown, but the Hotel Staff can arrange a campfire if requested.

Some points of interest include Gandhi Ashram and the Shawl Factory, where visitors can see how the famous Kausani Shawls are made and manufactured using age-old techniques. A shop is located just above the factory for those interested in purchasing shawls. Kausani is also known for its tea, and the Giri has a Tea factory that can be visited.

The tea produced is Leaf Tea, which can cost up to Rs. 2000/- per kg. The majestic view of the Nanda Devi Range is the town’s main draw. This range can be seen from almost anywhere in town. Gandhi Ashram, Giri has Uttaranchal Tea Pvt. Ltd, Shawl Factory, Baijnath Temples, and the Local Market are among the other attractions.

1. Anashakti Ashram

Anashakti Ashram is a peaceful and revered location where Mahatma Gandhi spent time writing his commentary on Anashkti Yog. Another significant location is the Pant Museum, which was founded by the famous Hindi poet Sumitranandan Pant. The KMVN (Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam) resthouse in Kausani is an ideal place to stay and offers panoramic mountain views.

2. Lakshmi Ashram

One kilometer from Kausani, Lakshmi Ashram is a center run by Kumauni women dedicated to social service and women’s empowerment. Sarla Behn (Katherine Heileman), a disciple of Gandhiji, founded the ashram in 1948 and spent her life here doing social service. She also founded Anashakti Ashram. The Lakshmi ashram is tucked away in a dense pine forest.

3. Tea Garden

Nearby attractions include the Tea Gardens (5 km on Bageshwar Road), the Baijnath group of temples (16.5 km on Bageshwar Road), and Bageshwar.

4. Gandhi Ashram

Gandhi Ashram: Gandhi Ashram is the most popular tourist destination. This is where Mahatma Gandhi stayed for a short time and wrote the ‘Anashakti Yog.’ The Ashram is located on the outskirts of town. Inside the Ashram (photography is not permitted), there are various photographs of the great leader at various stages of his life. The view of the Himalayas from this Ashram is also quite spectacular.

5. Baijnath Temple

Baijnath Temple is about 20 kilometers north of Kausani Town and is a collection of small and large temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Feeding the fish near the temple is considered a ritual after performing pujas.

If you have the time, you could devote half a day to Rudradhari. It is 20 kilometers from Kausani and offers a one-of-a-kind trekking experience through the mountains and beautiful scenery to reach the century-old Lord Shiva temple. Although the trek is not difficult, Senior Citizens should avoid going there.

Guides are available (though not required), but they can be useful if you have children with you. One can enjoy the fresh air and small springs all around, as well as the beautiful small/large trees of various species. If you’re lucky, you might be able to meet the Baba/priest and talk about religion with him. As Prasad, he may also serve you puffed rice.

Food in Kausani

Almost all hotels and restaurants serve continental and Chinese cuisine. Although there are no separate restaurants, there are numerous roadside eateries. It is advised to eat the majority of one’s meals at the hotel where one is staying. Non-vegetarian foods are available, but they take a little longer to prepare. It is best not to request too many variations and to stick to the simple food served by hotels.

Food is a little pricey in this part of the country. Local fruits, such as various types of cherries, can be sampled. Most hotels have water filters/aqua guards, but it is best to buy mineral water, which is readily available in almost all shops. Drinks are not served in most hotels and must be purchased in advance if desired.

Wine shops can be found in Kathgodam and Nainital, or you can ask your local taxi driver to stop at a wine shop on your way to Kausani. These small shops do not sell branded beverages. Tea is plentiful, and one must try Girhias Tea in any of the roadside eateries while admiring the Himalayas.

Try squash (drink) made from locally grown fruits such as Jamun (Indian blackberry), aadu (apricot), buransh, and amla (Indian gooseberry). You could also try honey from the forest. It’s pure and natural.

Hotel in Kausani

Kausani has become a popular tourist destination in the last decade, and there are hotels to suit every budget. The better hotels are located uptown near the Gandhi Ashram, while the budget hotels are located near the local market.

Despite the fact that there are numerous hotels in town, the following are some of the most prominent:

Suman Royal Resort, Krishna Mount View, Chevron Eco Lodge, and Chevron Mountain Villa. Best Inn on Kausani. – Su. 3500, Dlx. 3000. Hotel Sumit – standard room 700, Deluxe room 1000.

Prateek Resort is also located about 1km ahead of Kausani market on Baijnath road. The room costs around 1200/- per day.

How to Reach Kausani

There are several ways to get to Kausani; one can travel directly from Delhi to Kausani by road. If you are traveling by train, you must disembark at Kathgodam Station and hire a Tourist Taxi to take you to Kausani. Kathgodam station is well-connected to major Indian cities.

It takes about 5 hours to drive from Kathgodam to Kausani through Uttarakhand’s beautiful roads and scenery. You can stop in Almora on your way to Kausani. This is the best place to get some refreshments before heading to Kausani. You can reach Kausani by taking the Ranikhet Express from Old Delhi station. The road is in good condition, but it is best to avoid the monsoon season.

Kausani is an ideal destination for those looking for a relaxing vacation away from the noise and pollution of city life. This place is well worth a visit because it is surrounded by lush greenery and charming attractions.

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