Dharchula Travel Guide

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Dharchula Complete Travel Guide Uttarakhand

Dharchula, another must-see destination in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region, is a great reflection of the state’s rich and diverse culture. Dharchula, located in the Pithoragarh District on the banks of the Kali River, is well-known as a major stopover en route to Kailash Mansarovar and the Chhota Kailash Yatra.

This small town is home to the Kumaonis and Bhotiyas, who together create a culture distinct from the rest of Uttarakhand. Dharchula is also quite scenic, which makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers. The Panchuli Peaks also make a special appearance here when the sky is clear, and the area is rich in flora.

Trekking, of course, is the main adventure activity available here, as it serves as a major starting point for several short and long treks to Kailash Mansarovar. Our Dharchula travel guide is jam-packed with information on the best places to visit and amazing things to do, making it a must-have for anyone looking for an unforgettable travel experience.

Best Time to Viist Dharchula

Once in Dharchula, you may notice a wide range of climate conditions, with summers scorching hot and winters freezing cold. As a result, the best time to visit Dharchula is from the end of the monsoon season until the beginning of the winter season.


If you are planning a vacation to Uttarakhand during the summer, you should avoid this destination because the temperature can reach 45°C. The town is typically mild and pleasant in the morning, but it can become quite warm in the afternoon. As a result, it is recommended that you check the weather forecast before planning a trip to Dharchula.


July through September is known as the rainy monsoon season. The temperature drops to 12°C during these months, making the land look beautiful. Because of the unpredictability of rain, there is a slight risk of landslides, so it is best to plan your vacation around the weather.


With the end of the monsoon season approaching, December brings a soft cool breeze. After September, the months of December to February are considered ideal for visiting Dharchula because the temperature drops to 5°C, making the town frosty and cold.

Places to Visit in Dharchula

The breathtaking view of Dharchula is an excellent reason to begin your journey, where you can visit various tourist attractions in and around the town. The majority of the attractions in the area will appeal to nature and adventure enthusiasts.

1. Jauljibi

Stretching its beauty over the conflux of Kali and Gori rivers Jauljibi is a favorite tourist attraction for people of Nepal and travelers across the country. This small bazaar of the Indo-Nepal border is a must-visit especially in November as the famous annual trade fair takes place this month.

2. Narayan Swami

Narayan Ashram, founded in 1936 by Narayan Swami, is a social and spiritual center located 44 kilometers from Dharchula. The Ashram is located at an elevation of 2734 meters and also houses a school for children from the surrounding area, as well as facilities such as a meditation room and a library.

3. Chirkila Dam

The Chirkila dam, built on the Kali river, is significant because it has the capacity to produce up to 1500 kW of energy. The Uttarakhand government is thought to be planning to facilitate water sports on the dam’s adjacent lake.

4. Askot Wildlife Sanctuary

Askot Wildlife Sanctuary, surrounded by snow-capped mountains such as Panchachuli and Chipplakot, is located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state in India. This wildlife sanctuary is only 54 kilometers from Pithoragarh and is located at an elevation of 5412 feet above sea level.

The wildlife reserve in Uttarakhand is known for its diverse heritage and rich flora and fauna. It is surrounded by rhododendron. Rivers such as the Dhauli and Ilki originate in the sanctuary, and the Gori Ganga flows through it. During a jungle safari through the sanctuary, you may come across families of the endangered Van Rawat’s, who also live here.

Hotels in Dharchula

Dharchula has a number of hotels that will welcome you and make your vacation memorable. The hotels in Dharchula range from 3-star premium to 1-star standard, with good basic facilities, amenities, and a goal to improve their quality based on customer feedback.

These properties not only provide excellent customer service but also have a soothing atmosphere. For better accommodations, one can also stay in Pithoragarh, which has a greater variety of options.

How to Reach Dharchula

Because the airport and railway station are far from the town, the best way to get to Dharchula is by car. This is why roads are the most convenient way to get here. However, the airport in Pithoragarh will soon be operational, allowing tourists to travel to both Dharchula in a matter of hours.

By Air

The closest airport to Dharchula is Pantnagar Airport, which is 412 kilometers away and easily accessible by taxi. Pithoragarh also has an airport, Naini Saini, which will soon be connected to Dehradun.

By Train

Tanakpur, 367 kilometers away, is the nearest railway station to Dharchula. Taxis, which are readily available, can cover the distance ahead.

By Road

Dharchula is easily accessible by road because it is well connected to other parts of Northern India. Buses and taxis connect Delhi, Tanakpur, Almora, Champawat, and Dharchula.

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