Camping in Jageshwar by Uttarakhand Travel Tourism

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Jageshwar Camping with Uttarakhand Travel Tourism

Jageshwar temples are magnificent, gorgeous architectural monuments dedicated to Lord Shive and other local deities. A tiny river flows silently behind the shrine. The region is encircled by Deodar trees, adding to its beauty.
Uttarakhand Travel Tourism has hosted more than 40 camping clients and is one of the best firms in Jageshwar for any form of camping. We at Uttarakhand Travel Tourism have around ten spots near Jageshwar Dham where you may camp safely and enjoy spectacular views. We offer locations where you can get a panoramic view of the Himalayas, including Jhandi Top, Vimalkot Temple, Shiv Jata Ganga, Almora City, and more.
Uttarakhand Travel Tourism also rents out camps at Jageshwar, Almora, near Jageshwar Dham. Renting a camp begins at INR 1000 per night for a single camp that may accommodate 2 to 4 persons in a single tent. Jageshwar Camp for Rent, Book Now: +91 98685 51406.
However, if you prefer to camp in the jungle without any hassles, we at Uttarakhand Travel Tourism can accommodate 15 to 20 people for INR 2000 per person per night, which includes all three meals and snacks.

Camping in Jhandi Top for 2 Days in Jageshwar Video

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