Best Places to Eat in Almora Market

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Top 10 Famous things to taste in Almora Market

Today we are your Almora Food Guide and will inform you about best food to eat in Almora Market. Top 10 best food to taste in Almora is based on our own food taste. Being a foodie we only choose the best! Now lets get you some information about Almora District of Uttarakhand. 
Almora, home to the Chittai Golu Temple and Nanda Devi, as well as Bal Mithai and Singauri, exemplifies Uttarakhand’s rich culture and customs. This district, which includes gorgeous vacation spots like Ranikhet and Binsar, is the perfect place to unwind. Come here for an unrivalled spiritual experience, a delectable culinary feast, and a meeting with pristine nature and humble people.
Now let’s start the amazing journey that is going to brighten you eyes and make your mouth water! Below is  top 10 food to eat in Almora Market.

1. Chole Bhature


This is something that you will say that you can taste anywhere around India but leave it aside. If you visit Almora Market then it is must to taste Sumangalam Chole Bhature else your trip will be faded without the colours of these chole bhature. 

Address : Karkhana bazar, Lohe ka Sher, near Distt hospital, Uttarakhand, India

2. Dahi Bhalle

Maybe you are a food lover and when visiting the market you want to have a taste of Almora’s best dahi bhalle, then where should you go? Again sumangalam is the best place to have Dahi Bhalle with a lip smacking taste of sweet and tangy  curd and tamarind chutney. 

Address : Karkhana bazar, Lohe ka Sher, near Distt hospital, Uttarakhand, India

3. Golgappe (Pani-Puri)

The aalu tikki chaat at Chaudhary Chaat Shop was, without a doubt, the greatest we’d ever had in Almora. The two chutneys, as well as the rich and flavorful yellow pea curry, were the stars for us, as their flavours were extremely compelling. 

4. Paneer Roll

Confused by the image…Oh its me, we were so busy in eating Paneer Roll that we did’nt even took a picture of that. Best Paneer Rolls of Almora Credit again will be given to Sumangalam and now maybe you are thinking I am bragging too much but must taste it by yourselg to know exactly why we are the fan of thus Restaurant.

5. Butter Masala Dosa

Butter Masala Dosa is something i can eat wherever i go. Here in Almora the credit goes to Sumangalam again. So what happens is they have 5 top dishes that are very famous in thier restaurant in Almora and they are Chole Bhature, Dahi Bhalle, Golgappe, Butter Masala Dosa and Paneer Roll.

6. Thuppa 

There is this Norzan Restaurant in Almora which is very famous among huge crowd of youngsters and college going. We decided to taste and check out the venue . The space is very small for only about 22 people who can eat in the space at one time but the taste of Thuppa was something we would still remember . 

7. Momos

Dolma was recommended to us after we inquired about a decent place to get Momos. It’s a 9-10 kilometre drive from Almora, but it’s well worth the trip. Non-Vegetarian momos refer to mutton momos; chicken momos are not available. The freshly steamed and fried momos were delicious. The nicest thing is that they serve real chutney rather than red chilli paste, which is what most eateries serve.

8. Bal Mithai, Singori and Peda

Bal Mithai is the most trending sweet of Almora and maybe Uttarakhand too. After that comes Singori which is what my husband is holding in his hand which is wrapped in a green leaf. My husband ghumakkad kundan is very fond of these all 3 sweets specially Singori which can be seen by the way he is looking at that green leafy sweet…ha,ha,ha!

9. Jalebi and Milk

This place looked strange to me as it was recommended by everyone bur was not very hygienic. The strangest thing was that it does not have a name, so this might be a matter of research that what is their marketing technique as they are very famous without any name. Oh but the taste of these Jalebis was really very very different from the usual one we all eat and were definitely more tasty.

10. Pahadi Food 

Being a pahadi and eating all the pahadi food from my childhood I will suggest some of my own favourite. My Favourite covers Bhatt ki chudkani and dupke, Jholi, Allu ke gutke, Bhaang ki cutney, Etc. For reading all the recipies of pahadi food and to know top 10 food of Uttarakhand click on the below link!

Famous Pahadi food of Uttarakhand

Food is the only passion of human that can mix with each other and create a new unique taste of its own that can be carried on through ages.
Watch our Video of food 
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